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What is the role of fluorescent led waterproof work light in daily use?

24/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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Lighting fixtures are a vital part of all working and living environments. Better lighting is also a major factor when it comes to parking garages, building construction or doing housework. Poor lighting conditions will also increase safety hazards. Every year, there are many safety accidents with very large scale, which are related to the poor lighting conditions.

When you’re always looking for lights, you can find plenty of options in the market. But are they all suitable for office environments?
Fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes or halogen lamps on the market are inefficient.
LED lighting is the form of development.
Fluorescent LED waterproof work lights consume 90% less power than fluorescent lights, and cause much less heat than other light sources. LED lighting is very durable, and without high-precision components that can break, this means that LEDs can be placed in harsh environments. LEDs also have a long lifespan.
LED chromaticity is based on lumen. If you are accustomed to buying 500W fluorescent lighting, then you should look for 8000 lumen fluorescent led waterproof work lights.
New Sunlight Services promises no meaningless lumen exports. If a 500 lumen knockoff light emits less light than a 300 lumen professional light, it can be returned.

Switching Power Supplies – Corded or Cordless

LEDs can also work on AC and DC switching power supplies. Because LED is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, independent innovation manufacturers give cordless lighting that uses rechargeable lithium battery-powered systems. Cordless LED lights are generally smaller and easier to transport.
In the case of rechargeable fluorescent led waterproof work lights, you should pay attention to the battery type. You can look for lamps containing lithium polymer ion batteries (Li-Poly) and lithium batteries (Li-Ion). Lithium batteries can provide longer battery life and have a higher safety factor than lithium batteries.
Even so, some LED lights only have an AC power option. This type of solution is typically used for LEDs with strong lumen derivation (8,000+).

led waterproof work light

led waterproof work light-Moisture, dirt and impact resistance (IP and IK ratings)
When choosing LED lighting, please consider the natural environment in which it will be used. Dust and water are two of these elements that generally destroy electrical equipment. For harsh environments, look for LED lighting with IP and IK ratings. This rating shows the level of impact maintenance (IK) and access maintenance (IP).
The IP rating defines the level of protection of the lamp against solid or liquid elements. For example, the LED lighting with IP67 grade means that it is completely anti-fouling, and at the same time, it can also withstand penetration into about 1 meter of water for nearly 30 minutes. And the light with IP65 rating means it can prevent dust from low voltage sprayers.
The IK level considers impact resistance. The higher the IK level, the higher the impact resistance level. The IK level ranges from IK0 to IK10. For example, the IK07 level means that the lamp has been tested to withstand the impact of a 1.7kg hanging object dropped from 40cm above the impacted surface.

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