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What is the lighting principle of led lamp?

03/11/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED lighting principle: The PN junction in the LED is driven by a voltage, and the internal electrons and holes will recombine, and the energy in the recombination process will be released in the form of light, that is, the working principle of the LED lamp.

  1. The principle of LED lighting is to use light-emitting diodes. Now there are all kinds of light-emitting diode LED lamp and various color LED lights. LED lights are very energy-saving light bulbs.

LED lights made of different materials can emit different colors, such as red, blue, etc.

  1. The core part of light-emitting diodes is a wafer composed of p-type semiconductors and n-type semiconductors. There is a transition layer between p-type semiconductors and n-type semiconductors, called p-n. Double heterojunctions and quantum trap structures are usually used.

Extension: White LED Lighting Principle:

It is a new type of LED composed of InGaN blue LED and phosphor. Apply phosphor on the chip on the blue LED, and finally seal the chip around with epoxy.

Two methods (single-chip type and multi-chip type) can obtain a good tone effect (Ra85) white light. One is to light up red, green, blue (R.G.B) blue-green and yellow-orange 2.3 LEDs at the same time;

The second is to radiate blue or ultraviolet LED excitation light source to excite phosphors.

The first method is not only a defect in the LED driving voltage or luminous output, but also has problems with special temperature or equipment life, and it is still a long way from practicality. The second method is to use a device that drives the circuit and is easy to design.

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