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What color LED fishing light are useful for gathering fish?

27/07/2022 by 内斯勒
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Night LED fishing lights are the most indispensable equipment for night fishing. There are two main functions of using night fishing lights when fishing at night.

One is to help fishermen see the floating appearance clearly,

The second is to use light to gather fish, but different light colors have different fish gathering effects. So what color LED fishing lights are useful for gathering fish?

LED Fishing Light Bulb

LED Fishing light Color Options:

Blue light and green light are the best light effects for fishing lights at night. The light colors of night fishing lights are mainly yellow light, blue light and purple light. Green light, etc., but it is recommended to use blue or green night fishing lights.

There are four reasons,

First, blue and green light are more conducive to reflecting the floating fluorescence of fish,

Second, blue and green light have longer wavelengths, which can reduce interference to fish

Third, blue and green light can attract fish to gather at the illuminated place,

Fourth, blue light and green light are harmless to people and can be used for a long time.

LED fishing light 6000 watts

How to choose LED fishing light

  1. Brightness

(1) Try to buy a night fishing light with high lumen to ensure that the drifting phase can be clearly observed at dusk.

(2) Night fishing lights with small lumens may not be able to see drifting at dusk, and you can only wait until it is completely dark, but it is not the brighter the better.

  1. Battery life

Longer battery life is better and saves charging time, but the stronger the battery life, the higher the price.

The battery life used in the market is more than 20 hours. More than 30 hours is rare.

  1. Distance

(1) The irradiation distance is not a very important parameter. In fact, almost all blue light night fishing lights will meet the requirements.

(2) The close range of the yellow light is very clear, but the long distance is worse, so it is not recommended to use the yellow light.


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