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What are the functions of the various colors of the LED fishing lights?

19/07/2022 by 内斯勒
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There are about four kinds of light waves in the LED fishing lights on the market: white, yellow, green and purple. The power ranges from 5W to 6000W.

So what are the functions of the various color functions of the LED fishing lights? Let’s introduce to you by New Sunshine

LED Fishing Lights Various Colors Features:

White light: Most fish have a habit of avoiding light. Intense white light waves during night fishing can disturb and drive away bottom fish. Therefore, white light wave night fishing lights should not be used for night fishing.

Yellow light: Yellow light waves are much softer compared to white light waves. Fishing at night does not scare bottom fish, but it has a good induction effect on pelagic light drive fish.

Yellow light waves are warm colors and are best used in winter or cold seasons, but they are easy to attract mosquitoes in high temperature seasons in summer and autumn. So it’s not a good choice either.

Green light: The wavelength of green light is short, and it can be absorbed by water about 0.13m into the water. It is used for night fishing and will not frighten the fish at the bottom. Therefore, green fishing lights are suitable for night fishing. Green light waves are cool tones. Use in summer and autumn high temperature season will not attract mosquitoes to gather. It works best.

Violet wave: Violet wave has the effect of killing bacteria. If it is directly irradiated on the human body or eyes, it will cause serious injury to fishermen. Even refracted light shouldn’t be staring at it for long periods of time. Therefore, the purple light wave night fishing light should not choose night fishing in any season.

Why are most LED fishing lights green? ?

  1. The green fishing light can effectively reflect the fluorescence of the fish float, making it clearly visible
  2. The green wavelength is higher than the violet light wavelength, reducing the interference to the fish
  3. The special light color can attract the fish to gather in the phototaxis, so that the night fishing effect is better
  4. Green is harmless to the human body (violet light is harmful to the human body) and can be used for a long time.

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