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Rechargeable Portable Multifunctional Fishing Light Color selection

24/06/2022 by 内斯勒
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The multi-function fishing light has the functions of strong light, high brightness and long service life. The halogen light emits yellow light, and the light with higher power is stronger.

The xenon lamp has high brightness, long range, long discharge time and long service life. The light bleaching method of ordinary LED is the same as that of halogen lamp beads, and the light color is whiter.

Cold light sources have the advantages of high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, good stability, and long service life.

Multifunctional fishing light color selection:

The color selection of the rechargeable portable multi-function fishing light should be used according to the visibility of the water. White light, usually blue or green, should only be used in wild waters with low visibility.

I used to see other people fishing by the river with fishing lights. The scene where the lights shine on the river is very beautiful. He will have more fish than others!

But when I buy a fishing light and use it to go fishing in the river, I often fail to catch fish. Would have thought it was a fishing pit! But after a long time, you will find that this is not the case.

Precautions for multi-function fishing light color selection:

When using fishing lights, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects: weather, environment, and brightness.

Just like when we fish in the cold winter, we will see this situation: the fishing lights will shine on the water, the fish will float, the small fish will jump on the water, and the big fish will be close to the surface and will not eat the bait.

This is because in the cold winter, due to the lack of sunlight, the metabolism of the fish slows down, so eager to raise their body temperature, only to be tempted by our fishing lights. The light of the fishing lights attracts different fish!

The above are some experiences of New Sunshine when using the multi-function fishing light. When using fishing lights, be careful not to change the light at will! If you need a versatile fishing light, remember to buy our new Sunshine!

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