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NS-ESP-500-01 Solar 500W Portable Power Supply 110v/220v

$289.90 $224.99

*500W portable power station power generator, its capacity is 450Wh/9v-14.8v

*Support QC3.0 Quick Charge double Charging Rate and Type C output-PD60W

*EU plug,USA plug & Universal plug is optional

*Charging Options:Solar Panel/Car/Home Adaptor

*It is professional outdoor power supply. It can be used for picnic, camping, logging and medical treatment.


NS-ESP-500-01 Solar 500W Portable Power Supply 110v/220v Product features

1. Plug and play: intelligent integrated lithium battery pack, inverter and solar charging module;

2. Super output: with AC output and DC USB and 12V output;

3. Super long life: using lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety and good stability, durable, and the number of charge and discharge cycles is ≥ 1200 times;

4. Super lightweight: small weight and volume, easy to carry and easy to store;

5. Safe and reliable: The aluminum alloy shell has high strength and is shock-resistant and fall-resistant for outdoor use.

NS-ESP-500-01 Solar 500W Portable Power Supply 110v/220v Applications

NS-ESP-500-01 Solar 500W Portable Power Supply 110v/220v Applications

1.Easy to carry

Although ordinary power banks are small and portable, they are generally smooth and have no handles. If you don’t hold your hand firmly, it will easily slip and fall to the ground. However, the  has a more user-friendly and convenient design. Carry it with you, square shape, no matter where it is placed, it will not take up too much space

2.Rich interface

NS-ESP-500-01 Solar 500W is equipped with two 220V AC output ports, two 12V DC DC output ports and four 5V USB DC output ports. The device is powered/charged at the same time, which is more efficient.

3.High power and large capacity

The higher the power of the solar power bank, the more appliances it can carry; the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life will be. This NS-ESP-500-01 Solar 500W Portable Power Supply has a large cell capacity and can carry equipment within 100W, like our common high-power electrical appliances

4.structure appearance

The outdoor portable energy storage power supply is light and portable, with a beautiful appearance, like a suitcase that can be moved at any time, bringing a stable power supply to outdoor electrical equipment. It is a safe, portable, efficient and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. It can be carried with the vehicle, assembled and used on site, can be hand-held, and can be pulled on the ground to facilitate rapid movement from one site to another.

Additional information







DC Input


AC Output


AC rated power


AC peak power


Function display


Solar Panel Charging

Available/ 7~8 hours
Weather dependent

Main control board Dimensions




external dimension


battery capacity

450Wh(Range of power supply 9v-14.8v)

Battery Specifications

lithium iron phosphate

product weight


charging time


Material of Casing



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