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NS-ESP-300-01 300W Portable Solar Power Supply its capacity is 15A

$99.00 $76.99

*300W portable power station power generator, its capacity is 15A
*Support QC3.0 Quick Charge double Charging Rate and Type C output
*EU plug,USA plug & Universal plug is optional
*Charging Options:Solar Panel/Car/Home Adaptor
*It is professional outdoor power supply. It can be used for picnic, camping, logging and medical treatment.


NS-ESP-300-01 300W Portable Solar Power Supply Product features

1. Full adaptation: The mobile power supply can provide different types of voltages according to the configuration of different types of transfer interfaces, which can charge the power supply systems or batteries of electronic products of different types, models and specifications, and different manufacturers on the market. Compatible with more than 95% of electronic products currently on the market.
2. Large space: The mobile charger is embedded with a large-capacity lithium battery, with a super-large volume. Give 4-30 times switching power supply for different types of electronic products.
3. Intelligent system: press one button to fully expand the capacity, and grasp the remaining capacity of the mobile charger according to the LED lights.
4. High safety factor: New Sunshine has developed a control circuit with excellent performance, which has the functions of battery charging control, charging protection, charging and discharging maintenance, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection. The product has successfully passed the relevant quality system certification.
5. Fashionable and portable: The design of the mobile charger is fashionable and trendy, leading cadres in the same industry. It is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

NS-ESP-300-01 300W Portable Solar Power Supply Applications

NS-ESP-300-01 300W Portable Solar Power Supply usefulness

1. Wide application
Outdoor power banks are very effective in field camping, self-driving tours, outdoor fishing, outdoor offices, online celebrity live broadcasts, home emergencies, vehicle-mounted emergencies, medical machinery and emergency rescue engineering construction, etc., and can provide various electronic products and special tools. power supply system applications.
2. Long service life and high safety factor
Built-in high polymer lithium battery (ternary lithium battery or polymer lithium battery), equipped with BMSbms system and flame retardant materials, ensures the service life of the rechargeable battery and the safety of the whole process; at the same time, the battery power is high in diamond-level speed , which can be applied to several electrical equipment at the same time for power engineering, which greatly improves the battery life.
3. Strong compatibility mode
It has a wide variety of sockets, including AC output interface, USB output interface, Type-C output interface, car charger output interface and other sockets, which are convenient for customers to apply according to their needs in different scenarios, and can choose a large number and more comprehensive.
4. Easy to carry
Most outdoor mobile power supplies are not only light in weight and small in size, but also have door handles, which can be picked up and run, and can be used for portable transportation, which relieves the pressure of transportation as much as possible.
Haizhitong 600W outdoor mobile power supply adopts safe and explosion-proof lithium battery, which has a long service life and long standby time. The cutting-edge BMSbms system is embedded, and it pays attention to the maintenance of lithium battery overcharge and power loss, load overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit faults.

Additional information




Lithium-ion Battery, 15A

AC Output

AC185-245V 50/60Hz

AC Continuous Power Output


USB Output

2 x USB Output QC 3.0 1
5V/18W (max)

DC Output

12V/24W( max)


3 hours (with 15V/2.5A adapter)

Life cycle

>1800 times

Dimensions (LWH)

About: 2.9kg


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