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LED temporary work light 150T | Portable Hanging Outdoor lighting

$129.88 $108.99

This 150W LED portable work light has 18,000 lumens of 360° light, replaces up to 500W metal halide work lights, and has an additional 50,000 hours of work life.
A solid stainless steel guard adds extra durability and protection to the product.
A variety of equipment options and IP65 protection should be used for indoor or outdoor lighting, such as architectural, military, industrial and emergency services.


LED temporary work light 150T:

No moving parts (no fans). Heat dissipation through the aluminum heat sink and openings in the bottom and top of the unit
Standard compact and easy to maneuver. Low profile fixture design keeps equipment up and out of the way of movement below
Super Bright: Delivers 18,000 lumens of daylight white 5000K light, 73% more energy efficient than traditional 400W metal halide.
You can save valuable costs associated with working with old, inefficient HID temporary lighting.

Our LED Portable Jobsite Lighting Fixtures come standard with a steel safety hook on top for hanging from the ceiling, or simply resting on the floor.
A variety of equipment options and IP65 protection should be used for indoor or outdoor lighting,  industrial and emergency services.
Maintenance-free: Plug and play, providing a flexible solution for temporary lighting.

this product has a service life of more than 50,000 hours (L70), allowing you to use it repeatedly without replacing the HID lamp.
with features tailored to meet the challenging needs of industrial applications.

LED temporary work light 150T:

Brighten up your work space with this temporary LED Cob task light.

Ideal for any project that requires bright, even light, such as job sites without hard-wired fixtures, paint booths, garage work, and more.
Rugged and versatile, this heavy-duty task light features a metal cage to protect the LEDs and a few different equipment options.
It offers an excellent heat dissipation design that allows air to flow over the lamp to keep internal components cool and extend operating life.

LED string light is specially designed for rugged and harsh construction conditions for temporary lighting over long distances.
The light supplies low wattage, high lumen output, which is good for adding long-distance lighting.
This work light can be used in hazardous locations, primarily in tunnels, protected areas, underground lighting or construction sites.

Additional information


150W T




3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K


7.68×7.68×10.75in 19.51×19.51×27.3cm

CTN size

12.8×19.49×20.08in 32.51×49.5x51cm

CTN quantity


CTN weight

27.5lbs 12.47kg


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