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LED 320W Grow Light NSFO-GL320-D Indoor (Folding)Full spectrum

$178.00 $146.90

NSFO-GL320-D Indoor LED 320W Grow Light Product Features
Integrated die-casting,the surface is anodized corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and crack resistance.
Uses raised blades, excellent heat dissipation to enhance the overall sealing of the lamp.


320 watt LED Grow Light with a full spectrum, emphasizing the Blue and Red wavelengths.Generally, this light can replace up to a 500 watt HPS lamp.

Light Spectrum is efficiently absorbed by plants.
Save money on maintenance and electricity
Long lasting – 50,000 hour expected LED life
Cool running so light can be mounted close to plants
Use SMD3030 chip, high color rendering index to restore the
real color of the object,low light attenuation.

LED 320W Grow Light Applications
This lamp can be used as a primary or supplemental light source for almost any type of indoor growing.


NSFO-GL320-D Indoor LED 320W Grow Light

  • High Efficacy: 3.0 μmol/J samsung lm301h led and Meanwell driver.
  • Full Spectrum: Blue,White,Red and IR (660-665nm and IR 750nm), The IR 750nm led chips is added compared with the traditional Perfect performance for veg and bloom. You don’t need to buy more lights for different spectrum.
  • Passive cooled design: 4mm thickness heatsink, Make product life up to 54000 hours.
  • Plug and play: No assembly required. The luminaire is integrated, Right out of the box your LED grow light is ready to use.
  • Adjustable installation height: The installation height of the grow light can be adjusted according to the actual situation through the attached lifting rope!
  • Dimmable power: 1-10V dimmable !
  • Guarantee: 3 years warranty !
  • Reliability: Use electric shock proof cover on every connections. IP65 level waterproof and dustproof, make the lamp life longer and use process more secure!Passive cooled design: 4mm thickness heatsink, Make product life up to 54000 hours.


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