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5W solar work lights NS-SML-05-01 IP65 waterproof

$29.90 $16.20

5W Solar Work Light Features and Advantages:
PC+aluminum lamp housing, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion
TYPE2 optical lens, reduce light loss and increase brightness. 34 high-efficiency LEDs, output lumens 650LM
Strong magnetic adsorption, 2 super strong magnetic mounting brackets IP65 waterproof, outdoor application


5W solar work lights NS-SML-05-01 IP65 waterproof Product features

Fishtail Series——LE0 Solar Work Light Original Design
Equipped with advanced TYPE2
Focusing optical lens can reduce lighting loss and increase brightness. Strong Magnetic Bracket
2 extra strong magnetic mounting brackets made of solid steel

5W solar work lights NS-SML-05-01 IP65 waterproof Installation Guide Strong Magnetic Base Installation:

The extremely durable strong magnetic magnet base bracket can be attached to absorbable metals such as iron to ensure the high performance stability of the work light.

The silicone pad effectively prevents scratching the car or other attachment surfaces. widely used:
Indoor and outdoor use, backyard lighting, garden lighting, off-road lighting, backup lighting, architectural lighting and more.
Also suitable for emergency road repairs, outdoor camping activities.

5W solar work lights NS-SML-05-01 IP65 waterproof Applications

5W solar work lights NS-SML-05-01 IP65 waterproof Friendly reminder:
The ambient temperature for storage and use of mobile solar work lights should not exceed 50°C. In order to avoid the risk of battery damage or explosion due to high temperature, please do not place the solar work lights in a closed space for exposure.
1. Before using the solar work light for the first time, please charge the light in the sun for 6-8 hours, or charge it with a Type-C charging cable for 4-5 hours. The charging indicator light on the light body turns green, indicating that the battery is fully charged.
2. When charging with solar energy, please face the solar panel of the solar work light in the direction of direct sunlight so as to collect more solar energy.
3. If the switch is connected, the light flashes or does not light up, indicating that the battery is low and needs to be charged. It can be placed in the sun to charge during the day or charged with a Type-C charging cable.
4. The mobile solar work light has the functions of magnetic attraction and suspension, and it can be used in various scenarios. The whole light reaches IP65 waterproof level, suitable for outdoor camping, camping and other lighting scenes, and also suitable for emergency lighting when indoor power failure occurs.

Additional information







LED light source

SMD 2835*34 pCs

color temperature


optical lens

Tpye ll

Solar panels

1.5 Wp polysilicon solar panel

lithium battery

18650/2200mA/3.7V (one section)

charging time

6-8 hours/day

discharge time

Work 7-8 hours (100% battery, lighting mode)

magnetic stand

2 super strong magnetic holders

Operating temperature


Product Size


degree of protection



ABS+PC+Aluminum lamp housing Anti-UV


2 years warranty (1 year battery warranty)


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