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Portable Multifunctional Outdoor LED Fishing Light Bulb Cash on Delivery

10/07/2022 by 内斯勒
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What are LED Fishing Lights? LED fishing lights refer to lights that anglers use to fish at night.
In order to see the movement of the fish float, it is necessary to use a special light to shine on the fish float, so that the fish float is clearly visible, so as to accurately judge the fish condition.
The fishing light can effectively reflect the floating fluorescent light, making it clearly visible, so that the angler will not have eye pain when staring at it for a long time; the special light color can attract the phototaxis of the fish and make the fishing effect at night better.

Is there a cash on delivery manufacturer for portable multifunctional outdoor LED fishing light bulbs?

New Sunshine specializes in LED fishing light bulbs and has been developing and producing for decades, with customers in more than 60 countries. It is a manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, and can support cash on delivery manufacturers.
New Sunshine’s underwater fish-collecting lamp has the characteristics of energy saving, wide induction range, and deep water penetration.
The underwater fish-collecting light can not only lure deep soft fish to shallow operation at night, but also gather large soft fish in the deep to catch them during the day.

New Sunshine Outdoor Multifunctional LED Fishing Bulb Features:

1. High-power LED light sources with high luminous efficiency are more conducive to improving work efficiency
2. Scientific choice of color temperature to effectively reduce eye damage
3. There is a disk on the back, which can adsorb the metal surface and is easy to use
4.5m drop test, more durable against collision
5. The toughness of the hidden hook is not easy to break, and the appearance is more beautiful
6. Moisture-proof design, the product is more durable.
If you have a need for multi-functional outdoor LED fishing lights, it is recommended to buy fishing light bulbs in the new sunshine. New Sunshine has been focusing on the production of LEDs for decades, with customers in more than 60 countries, and the quality is guaranteed!

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