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LED garden lights and energy-saving lamps, which has a longer lifespan?

29/06/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED garden lights and energy-saving lamps are often confused by us, so what is the difference between them? Or which one has longer lifespan, LED garden light or energy-saving light?
The working principle of the energy-saving lamp is mainly to heat the filament of the lamp tube through the ballast, so that the filament starts to emit electrons and jump to generate ionization, thereby emitting 253.7nm ultraviolet rays to stimulate the phosphor to emit light.
Because the temperature of the filament of the fluorescent lamp is 1160K when it is working, it is much lower than the working temperature of the incandescent lamp, which is about 22000 K-2700K, so its life is also greatly improved, reaching more than 5000 hours.

LED garden light life:

The service life of general LED garden lamps can exceed 50,000 hours, and some special LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours.
Of course, there are also chips and driving factors that determine the life of LED garden lights, but because the LED filament does not have the problem of fusing, the life of LED lights is much higher than other lights.
Generally, the service life of energy-saving lamps is about 5,000 hours, and there are also more than 8,000 hours, that is, energy-saving lamps need to be replaced in about a year.
We can know that the LED lights of the two can be used for more than five years before needing to be replaced, which greatly saves the cost of replacing the bulbs.

Brightness comparison of LED garden lamps and energy-saving lamps:

Let me first introduce a concept, that is, the luminous flux, which refers to the radiant power that the human eye can feel.
Luminous flux: 1WLED lamp = 3W energy-saving lamp = 15W incandescent lamp.
It can be seen that the brightness (luminous flux) of LED lamps is much higher than that of energy-saving lamps and ordinary incandescent lamps.
price comparison:
Because LED garden lights are obviously superior to energy-saving lamps in many features, LED lights are also much more expensive than energy-saving lamps in price, which is one of the main reasons for the current obstacles to the promotion of LED garden lights.
Moreover, LED garden lights are mainly used in parks, streets and other places, which can make people feel a peaceful atmosphere at night. High power consumption is also a factor that is difficult to promote, but we all know that LED lights will be the mainstream in the future.
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