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led corn light bulbs | what is corn led light bulbs

05/05/2023 by 内斯勒
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The led corn light bulbs are a kind of led lamps, because the maximum light emitting angle of the led is 120 degrees, considering the uniform light emission.
It is specially designed to emit light at 360 degrees, and its shape is like a corn cob, especially called led corn lights.

The LED corn lamp adopts a 360-degree light-emitting structure design, omni-directional lighting, no dead angle, and an E40 lamp head, which has a wide range of applications.
The light source efficiency of LED has reached 110-130lm/W, and there is still a lot of room for development, with a theoretical value of 2800m/W.
The luminous efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps increases with the increase of power.

so the overall light effect of corn led light bulb is stronger than that of high-pressure sodium lamps.

led Corn light bulbs have a long service life:

The corn led light bulb emits light through a semiconductor chip, without glass bubbles, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, and the service life can reach 50,000 hours.
Compared with ordinary light bulbs, its service time is 50 times longer; compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, it is more than 6 times longer.
Environmental protection: better environmental benefits, no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, less glare.
And waste can be recycled, no pollution, no mercury, cold light source, safe to touch, which is a typical green lighting source.

E27led corn light bulbs, that is, corn lamps with E27 lamp caps, are characterized by full-circle light and large luminous angle, uniform light color and no dark areas.
It is extremely suitable for replacing light sources of table lamps, wall lamps, crystal lamps, traditional downlights and other lamps.

The E27 lamp cap is an international standard and is applicable worldwide.
There is no compatibility problem, and it is very convenient to install and use.

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