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How to repair the broken LED light? How to choose a good LED light?

10/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED lights are widely used in production and life. It has a long lifespan. Compared to other lamps, it can save a lot of energy.

But after long-term use, there will be some problems, how to fix the LED light does not light up? Next, lead you to solve this problem.

How to fix the LED light not on?

  1. First find out the reason why the light is not on, and then repair it according to the actual situation.

If the LED light does not light up, it may be because the power supply is damaged or the wiring of the lamp is improper. We can reconnect the power supply.

  1. It may also be that the LED light is faulty. At this time, the LED needs to be replaced. Because circuit maintenance is very dangerous, it is recommended to contact a professional electrician for maintenance.

What are the points to pay attention to when buying LED lights?

  1. Identify packaging and trademarks, usually good quality LED lights are excellent in all aspects, especially details such as packaging and trademarks.

In order to prevent counterfeiting and shoddy, in addition to the electrical appliances inside, there will be anti-counterfeiting labels on the lights, which is convenient for us to distinguish the true and false.

  1. Check the shape of the lamp. When buying a light fixture, check the shape of the tube to make sure there are no defects, as the light fixture will heat up when in use. If it is ordinary plastic, it is not recommended to buy it because it is easy to deform.
  2. Check the working state, good quality LED lights will not heat up when working, but this will inevitably happen after long-term use.

Therefore, we should give priority to buying good heat dissipation, otherwise the service life will be reduced.

Summary: The above is some information related to LED lamps from the above article. First of all, we need to find the reason why the LED light is not on, and then choose the appropriate maintenance method according to the actual situation, which can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles, save a lot of time and energy, and hope to help you.

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