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How to install LED luminous garden lights?

27/10/2022 by 内斯勒
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We know what garden lights are, but we also know some common application areas of outdoor garden lights.

then this question and new sunshine understand how to install LED luminous garden lights:

20W LED Garden light

LED luminous garden lights

Installation steps: When installing the garden light, open the package, check the integrity of the garden light

and refer to the product manual for assembly and wiring.

The general steps are: open the lamp housing, install the light source and supporting electrical appliances.

lead from the threading hole to the bottom of the lamp pole, then connect the lamp head to the lamp pole, pay attention to tighten the fixing screws.

and then connect the garden lamp flange Align with foundation embedded screws and stand vertically.

Then tighten the mounting nut with the nut.

Circuit wiring: After the garden lamp is installed, you can refer to the manual and electrical specifications for wiring.

It should be noted that the installation of wiring needs to be grounded.

Generally speaking, garden lights will reserve ground terminals for grounding to eliminate safety risks.

How to choose the material of LED luminous garden lights:

There are roughly three kinds of materials for garden light poles, one is aluminum garden light, one is iron garden light, and one is common steel garden light.

We mainly refer to sturdiness, garden lamp price, and craftsmanship:

  1. Robustness, aluminum has a low boiling point, strong flexibility, and is easy to deform when exposed to high temperature.
  2. Compared with steel, the firmness is slightly worse.
  3. It is generally not recommended for use in windy areas, but the wall thickness of the steel can be increased, with high stability and strong support.
  4. The price of garden lights, the complex production process of cast aluminum, the high cost of materials, and the peculiar shapes, etc.
  5. so it is normal for the price to be 3-6 times higher than that of steel garden lights.
  6. In terms of styling, the steel landscape garden lights are also beautiful.
  7. The process of casting aluminum and cast iron is much more complicated than steel, and the construction period and complexity are also much more complicated than steel.

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