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High-quality high-power portable LED waterproof work light manufacturers

11/08/2022 by 内斯勒
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LED work light is a high performance waterproof and dustproof tube light. In addition to the explosion-proof glass tube, there are waterproof end caps and waterproof joints at both ends, and the quality is reliable.

The light source adopts imported chips, low power LED strips, low power consumption, long service life, high luminous efficiency, uniform light distribution, good color rendering index, high-quality regulated power source and constant current source for power drive, both AC and DC voltage use.

High-power portable LED work lights have many advantages and are widely used in CNC machine tools, combined machine tools, machining centers and other equipment, especially for occasions with poor environmental conditions.

So where can high-quality high-power LED waterproof work light manufacturers be found?

New Sunshine is a high-tech enterprise engaged in LED research and development, production, sales and LED lighting application products. It is committed to the field of LED indoor lighting and LED outdoor landscape lighting, creating LED green lighting!

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High power LED work light has the following features:

  1. Selectable voltage 24V/DC, AC, 110V, 220V/AC.
  2. The light source can choose warm light, cold light, color temperature 3500K, 4500K, 5500K, 6500K.
  3. Light angle 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°.
  4. LED waterproof work light source has a life of 50,000 hours at a time.
  5. The LED  work light loosens the three screws on the end face of the bracket, and the lamp tube (illuminator) can be rotated and adjusted 360° on the circumference to achieve the ideal illumination angle.

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