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why aren’t my led lights working? why did my led lights suddenly stop working

09/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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why aren’t my led lights working? what is the reason

  1. The lamp bead is damaged

If some of the lamp beads are not bright, it may be that the lamp beads are damaged, and in this case, new lamp beads need to be replaced. You can carefully observe the surface of the lamp bead. If there are black spots, it means that it is burnt out. Some lamp beads are first connected in series and then in parallel, so the damage of one of the lamp beads will cause the entire LED light to be off.

  1. The starter is damaged

It could also be that the starter is damaged. If the led light is not on at all, or flickers continuously after it is turned on, this situation is basically that the starter is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

Also a possibility? ?

(1) It may be high temperature. Because the performance of LED high temperature resistance is not very good, whether in the process of production or maintenance, if the details of welding are not well grasped and the control is not good, the LED chip may be damaged due to high temperature.

(2) The dehumidification treatment has not been done before. If the LED package is exposed to the air for a long time, it will absorb the moisture in the air. If the dehumidification work is not done well, the moisture in the LED package will expand due to the high temperature during the reflow soldering process, causing the LED package to burst. Cause the LED chip to be damaged due to high temperature.

(3) Anti-static work is not done well. LED is very sensitive to static electricity, so if the anti-static work is not done well during the production process, the LED chip will be damaged due to static electricity, making the LED light strip unable to work normally.

why aren’t my led lights working how to deal with:

(1) Let a special person be responsible for the temperature control of each link. The welding tools used should also be able to control the temperature, so as to effectively prevent the high temperature from damaging the LED chip and make the LED strip not work properly.

(2) For LED lamps, the storage environment is very important, not only constant temperature, but also moisture-proof, and for unused LEDs, dehumidification must be carried out before the next use.

(3) In the process of producing LED light strips, anti-static measures need to be taken. All employees must wear anti-static gloves and other protective equipment, and the tools used must also be properly grounded.

why did my led lights suddenly stop working?

  1. Poor line contact The lines of ceiling lamps are generally thinner and more in number. If the insulation treatment is not done well during installation, the wires will be entangled with each other, resulting in electric sparks, which in turn will cause short circuits. cause the bulb to burn out. Therefore, when we buy, we must choose good quality products.
  2. Bulb burnout The power of the bulb is relatively high. If it is used for a long time, it is easy to cause the internal temperature to rise, and the heat dissipation effect is not good, which will cause the internal air pressure to increase, and eventually burst, resulting in damage to the bulb. Therefore, when we usually use it, we must turn off the power switch regularly to prevent accidents.
  3. Ballast aging The ballast of the ceiling lamp mainly plays a protective role. When the current is too large or the voltage is unstable, it can automatically cut off the power supply to avoid the risk of electric shock. However, as time goes by, the life of the ballast will be greatly reduced, and once a short circuit occurs, it is easy to cause a fire. Therefore, we need to check regularly and replace them in time.

What is the maintenance method of LED lights?

  1. After the LED lights get older, a lot of dust will accumulate on the surface. If it is not cleaned in time, it will be more troublesome to pile up and deal with. Therefore, in order to ensure the effect of the LED lights, we must clean them in time to ensure that they are always clean to avoid The lights dimmed.
  2. The screen of the LED lamp should also be cleaned immediately. It is best to use a soft brush to scrub the surface of the screen, and the force should not be too strong. It must be scrubbed slowly. Be careful not to use liquid to clean it, otherwise it will cause damage to the lamp beads.
  3. To scrub the LED screen, choose the appropriate method. If it is a large-screen display, we can use alcohol to wipe it, or use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, but you cannot use a wet rag to clean it, otherwise it will not only fail. To clean up, but also reduce the service life of LED lights.
  4. Do not turn on the LED light all the time. If it is not used, turn it off in time. The longer it is turned on, the greater the loss of the light. Turning it off in time can reduce the loss and save electricity.

how led lights work?

The working principle of the LED lamp is that after the power supply is connected, the current passes through the P region of the semiconductor, and recombines with electrons and holes in this region, and finally presents it in the form of light; LED lamps are semiconductor materials, generally used Silver glue is used to cure it to the bracket, and epoxy resin is used to seal the surrounding, which can better protect the core wire.

The working principle of the LED light is as follows: First, the LED light is composed of directional fuse nodes and a cylindrical frame. The semiconductor structure mounted on the node regulates the strength of the current by supplying an external voltage to the node and the connection between the nodes. When the external voltage reaches a certain value, electrons will start to dissociate from one end of the semiconductor interface and be controlled to the other end, thereby generating light. Secondly, LED lamps require electronic components. Through technical means such as capacitors and resistors, the magnitude of the current and the output of power can be controlled to ensure its stable operation. Lastly, LED lights have a dimming feature where users can adjust the brightness of the bulb on a dimmer switch.

LED lights can be said to be the most popular lighting technology in the 21st century. Because of their low energy consumption and long-term stable operation, they can save a lot of energy and generate less heat, which greatly improves the safety of the living environment. In addition to lighting, LED lights can also be used for video playback, control technology, scientific experiments, etc. Therefore, in today’s increasingly developing world, LED lights are just showing the most comprehensive application capabilities.


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