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Why are green night fishing lights for night fishing so popular?

05/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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As the sun goes down, the water turns cold and schools of fish move to the beach to feed. Fish are most vulnerable during this time, and anglers can also fill the refrigerator after a night of fishing. It may seem easy, but a properly executed line of thought can determine the success or failure of an angler in night fishing.

The scientific rationale behind night fishing

It is no longer a secret that night fishing uses green night fishing lights to have a higher pass rate than daytime fishing, but why is this? There are many factors, the first is the most prominent main reason is that the fish enter the beach to look for food at night.

Gives fish a sense of protection at night

In fact, daytime fishing in thicker areas can catch some of the biggest fish you can catch, but evening fishing in the open sea can lead to similar conclusions. Gives the fish a sense of belonging at night because it’s hard to see, which means it’s hard for other fish to see them too. Therefore, it is often seen that well-known deep-water fish enter shallow water. Whether you’re fishing for great white sharks, flounder, redfish, rainbow trout in saltwater, or grouper, perch, perch or any other species in water fishing, you’re more likely to catch bigger fish when fishing at night.

Ideas for Night Fishing Success

There are 3 core goals that lead to more night fishing success; mainly including implementing lighting when fishing at night, casting the right bait for your target species, and knowing which type of bait works best at night. Implementing an evening fishing strategy that applies these 3 core goals can help you catch more fish after dark.

night fishing with lights

An important countermeasure for the success of night fishing is to use fishing lights in the water. Fish are naturally attracted to light in murky oceans, since the eyes light up particles in the current. This particulate matter is the fuel for the smaller baitfish, and they are the fuel for the larger baitfish. To keep things simple, when a fish sees the bait in its bait, it quickly knows that a simple meal is just around the corner.


In addition, fish species are more attracted to some wavelengths of moonlight than others. The wavelength of the largest bright spot light is just in the range of 500nm, matching emerald green. This is why the green fishing lights in the water are so popular.

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