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Which one is better for fishing, the diving light or the green light fishing light in floating water?

07/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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Fishing lights are popular for their constant level of attracting fish. The earliest light bulbs used by night fishermen were usually floating fishing lights, and the more modern lights in today’s society are deep-diving underwater green light fishing lights.

These kinds of lighting effects have their own advantages and disadvantages for night fishing, which we will discuss in detail. Finally, we hope that we can bring you enough data to choose the type of fishing lights that are more suitable for your market needs.

swing fishing lights

The era of floating fishing lights began as an enclosed bright light with a styrofoam plastic ring inside, facing down. Most of these fishing lights are temporary experiments to make full use of what the fisherman has on hand at night.

The light generally uses a 12V DC battery powered system and emits enough light to send baitfish to the surface of the river. It works, but its efficiency is far inferior to today’s lighting technology in the fishing industry.

Floating Modern Fishing Lights

The alternative version of the floating fishing light is no longer a closed strong light, but a sealed LED light with a foam ring. LEDs are brighter, more efficient, and last longer than older sealed-in bright lights.

general purpose

fishing from a boat

When you’re on the go, you don’t have to spend long periods of time fishing in one place.

Great on clear skies, too much of a hassle when it comes to wavy patterns.

Most fishermen have replaced this light with sea bow fishing lights or new sunshine water green light fishing lights

Floating fishing lights can be used on boats, but otherwise they are not a very viable lighting option. If you often move from one location to another on your boat, then floating fishing lights might be worth considering. The biggest reason floats have lost their popularity in the fishing world is because they only come into full play when they are truly quiet. They are more likely to be stolen if they are used as port fishing bulbs and placed on the Grand Canal right outside your house. As the saying goes, “what you can’t see is what you see”. This generated a discussion about deep dive fishing lights.

deep dive fishing light

The ability to spread light in water is more efficient, because there is no damage to the lighting caused by continuous movement of reflective surfaces or waves. These are also the two core reasons for the continued development of deep dive fishing lights.

Similar to floating fishing lights, deep diving fishing lights can use the most typical 12V DC battery power supply system, and some can use 110V AC power plug power supply system. The main downside of deep dive fishing lights is that they are very prone to growing barnacles, which can render some fishing lights ineffective too early. For additional information on how to choose a dive light that can withstand these issues, I recommend reading this article on water fishing lights.

Brand new and better deep dive fishing light

Compared with floating fishing lights, the current deep submersible fishing lights can exceed floating fishing lights in terms of output power and chromaticity. This is because he needs a longer lasting lighting effect. Therefore, it is more beneficial to focus on light output and stamina than light weight and flotation levels.

Whether you’ve been looking for deep dive fishing lights or float fishing lights, New Sunshine is your reliable source for evening fishing. Thank you for reading the article, we encourage you to order our carefully selected fishing lights, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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