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Which is brighter, the led corn lamp or the led bulb?

01/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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LED corn lights and LED bulbs should not be compared directly. The led corn light effect is soft, bright but not dazzling, has a good protective effect on eyesight, and can shield the glare of traditional lighting fixtures. The led bulb has a long service life. Under normal circumstances, compared with other general lamps, LED bulbs have a very long lifespan, which can reach more than 50,000 hours of use. Compared with the brightness, the LED corn light is better.

What is the reason why the brightness of the LED lamp bead becomes weak?


It may be the light effect of the lamp beads. Different currents will produce different light effects. In the case of the same power, the higher the light effect, the higher the brightness. It may also be a problem of series connection. When the light effect is the same, the parallel connection is more than the series connection, so the brightness will be lower. It may also be that the light source models are different, and the light effect of the same input current will be high and low, so the brightness will also be different.

There are two possibilities for the brightness of the LED lamp to become weak. First, the lamp bead is aging and the luminous efficiency becomes low. The lamp bead will heat and age for a long time, and the brightness will gradually decrease. Second, the power supply voltage is reduced. The lamp bead power supply voltage is powered by a switching power supply. When the output voltage of the power supply decreases, the brightness of the lamp bead will also decrease.

How to repair the led corn light not working?


  1. Generally, there are two situations when LED lights are broken: one is that the light strip is broken, and the other is that the power supply is broken.
  2. If you don’t know what the situation is, you can buy it according to the model of the broken power supply and the length of the lamp.
  3. The light strips are connected together, carefully tear off the light strips.
  4. Change the light strip first, if the light strip still does not work, replace the power supply.

Are led bulb corn lights the same as led bulbs

The light range is different, because the light emitted by the LED lamp beads is very directional. The ordinary LED bulb lamp uses the lampshade to increase the light range, and the uniformity of the light is not good, while the corn lamp is evenly distributed on the longitudinal axis of the bulb. Lamp beads greatly increase the illumination range and uniformity of illumination.


  1. What is the difference between corn bulbs and candle bulbs

Corn lamp is a kind of lamp, because the maximum luminous angle is 120 degrees, considering the uniformity of luminescence, it is specially designed to emit light at 360 degrees, and its shape is like a corn cob, so it is called corn lamp. So what’s the difference between a corn bulb and a candle bulb?

The difference between corn bulbs and candle bulbs is mainly reflected in the brightness. Under the same power, the brightness of candle bulbs is higher than that of corn bulbs.

  1. What does a candle bulb look like?

Candle lamps are also called new smokeless candle lamps. The appearance of these candle lamps is similar to real candles, but they will not produce smoke or carcinogens. They eliminate the wax oil and fire hazards of ordinary candles. They will not burn or produce flames.

Built-in energy-saving light bulbs, as long as three small lithium batteries are needed, even if it is used continuously for a long time, the lamp holder will not overheat. The candle lamp includes a candle-shaped lamp body, a lamp cap for connecting with a lamp holder and a luminous body built in the lamp body, and is characterized in that two electrodes of the luminous body are respectively connected with corresponding electrodes of the lamp cap.

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