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What is the best bait to use when fishing with underwater fishing lights?

10/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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Bait Worms:

Worms are an important bait widely used by most anglers. Loaches are easy to find, either at your local grocery store or in the wild nearby. They can be used on basically all species of fish, but mainly for freshwater species. Worms are great for port fishing with underwater fishing lights, and they will attract the vast majority of fish no matter what.

Luminous Bait:

If you’re looking for harbor fishing lures that don’t smell bad and are clean, then glow lures might just be the one for you. Luminous lures in the dark are especially suitable for night port fishing, and they do a good job of attracting valuable game fish species. While fishing in the saltwater canals of Rockport, Texas, we caught a large number of rainbow trout and redfish using the glow method on bait in the shade. We have also caught grouper and bass with glow lures on several Texas lakes.

Whether you’re using worms and shrimp as harbor fishing bait or not, glow baits are a great way to get out of trouble.

Human fish attractant:

Synthetic fish negative pressure attractors are generally made of PVC, simulating corals in water. This incentivizes fish to nest and “stay for a while” around your harbor. Artificial options made of PVC are loved because it also doesn’t dissolve like all natural options like engulfing trees and flowers.

If you want a natural botanical option, it’s especially popular to place Christmas wreaths, palm or citrus trees, for fish to give a structured treat nearby.

Prepare your harvest in advance

A great part of fishing with harbor underwater fishing lights, especially in your home, is that you can clean up your catch right after reeling. Unlike fishing from a boat, fishing in a home port is not subject to regulations that stipulate that anglers are unclean after fishing in the open sea.

The best recipes start with a cleanup process. There are 3 common ways of filleting and cooking fish: traditional skinless fish fillet, half-shell, and thin-faced scallops.

traditional fish

The traditional method of fish fillets is to use a sharp fish knife to remove the flesh from the fish fillets. This will also leave you with fish, like you’d find in the freezer section of most grocery stores.

half shell fish

The more common practice for half shell fish is to use redfish, but it means removing the flesh like the traditional way, rather than removing the fillets with a fish knife. Along with this, the fish is descaled and the fillets are preserved. When you come to cook the fillets, season the meat side up and place the fish on the grill, skin side down. The fish is cooked thoroughly and can also be skinned or eaten as necessary.

Butterfly fish fillets (for stuffing)

You may have heard of butterfly shrimp, and it’s the same basic principle. This technique is also primarily used for flounder, but can be used effectively with most fish. Fish knives are used to carefully cut the flesh diagonally to remove the flesh from the bones. The skin is usually left on top, and the core of the fish is usually filled with crab sticks, unsalted butter, and sometimes shrimp.

maintain your catch

Once the fish is cleaned and prepared, it’s time to vacuum seal the fillet. The application of a fish and game vacuum sealer is critical and is tailored to address the high moisture content associated with fish and game meat. It is very convenient if the vacuum sealer can run on 12v battery or 110/120v standard AC AC power plug. This brings you all-around versatility for airtight fish, which is handy when fishing with harbor underwater fishing lights.

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