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What is LED Corn Light? What is the difference between corn light lumens and wattage?

30/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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Corn lamps are committed to being an environmentally friendly and energy-saving alternative to high-resistance charge-discharge (HID) lamps and SON lamps. These guys use a lot of LEDs in the metal build to provide a lot of moonlight. The arrangement of LEDs is very similar to corn stalks, hence the name “corn lights”.

They are used in underground parking lots, football fields, road lights and other areas that require a lot of light. Unlike halogen bulbs HID lamps and SON lamps, LED corn lamps can efficiently provide a large amount of light while still preserving a broad color spectrum.

Power and Lumens

Power: The amount of rated power expressed in watts. Traditionally, the chromaticity of a light bulb has been described in terms of watts (w). However, with the rise of environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED lighting, the power simply cannot provide us with enough information. For example, a standard 40w CFL light bulb will bring the same lumens as a 5w LED. Learn more: Which bulb wattage do we need?

Lumens: An accurate measure of the brightness of light. The greater the lumens (lm), the brighter the light source. For areas that need plenty of light, you’d want to pick a bulb that gives at least 5,000 lumens. The darker the interior space, the greater the required lumens.

LED corn lamp holder and its renovation

Retrofitting LED corn lights can be a complicated process, and it is recommended to hire an electrician for repairs. A welder may know what corn light cap you need. The following is a description of different types of corn lamp sockets and compatible power sockets, so that you can grasp the matters that need to be paid attention to when purchasing and assembling corn lamps. This information applies to retrofits, replacements or just basic lighting installations.

What power socket is suitable for the corn lamp?


Also known as Edison screw. It is a very common lighting fixture used all over the world. The E27 in particular is the most ubiquitous version of the Edison screw, 27mm in diameter (hence the name).


Also known as the Oversized Edison Screw. E40 lighting fixtures were originally designed for lighting above 500W. However, because of the energy efficiency of LED bulbs, our own LEDs can go as low as 20W while still maintaining their chromaticity. The screw diameter is 40mm.

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