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what color underwater light attracts fish?underwater green fishing lights?

02/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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A migration known as the diurnal vertical shift occurs every night in deep seas and lakes around the world. Plankton are small animals that live in the deepest parts of the water during the day. Phytoplankton are small marine plants that live in the deep sea and near the surface of lake water. At night, plankton migrate to the surface to feed on phytoplankton.

This is also where the lighting comes in underwater green fishing lights.

Lighting the water at night creates a food web. Because it is a green plant, phytoplankton gather around the light source. The plankton quickly forage. Baitfish feed on plankton. When they see what’s going on, they also move in for a potluck. Every event will attract the attention of gamefish. They gradually gather in the shadows beyond the light source, waiting for the baitfish to come within attack range.


Which color light is more attractive to fish?

Generally speaking, green light attracts more fish. underwater green fishing lights have each LED130 high lumen output and its 520nm wavelength. Shrimp and insects have these light wavelengths and their green photoprotein kinase around 530um in the vision. Therefore, the signal light is both bright and can attract many other fish because it is a bait for food.

Choose the right wavelength of light to attract fish

The excellent polychromatic light for night fishing is true emerald green with a light wavelength of about 520nm. The only lights that can achieve this type of true green are LED lights. Emerald green HPS bulbs are not really emerald green, they are more of a warm white green. If there is only one light around, they can still catch fish very well.

However, if there are other lighting effects around, the fish is more likely to turn a true green than gray. We can test by putting the emerald green LED underwater light next to the high pressure sodium lamp, the real emerald green LED fishing light attracts more fish deeply than the high pressure sodium lamp. The light outside seems to be touching together. It is not difficult for us to find that the most attractive fish light is this kind of underwater signal light for fishing, so we know that it is an excellent lantern for night fishing.

Why choose New Sunshine underwater green fishing lights?

In New Sunshine, we provide high-resistance underwater lights at a fraction of the cost of competitive products in the market. We have the highest lumen-to-dollar ratio in the market so far. To keep costs down, we cannot use custom injection molded products.

Instead, we use low-cost high-quality materials to complete the task. While we may not apply fancy product packaging, we market high quality, extremely soft underwater lights designed to last you a lifetime.

For us, the visual beauty of the product itself is not that important, because it can be submerged in water, you can’t see them anyway. We give underwater boat lights, underwater green fishing lights, harbor lights, performance lights, scuba diving lights, fishing lights, portable battery powered lights, pool lights and the world’s first underwater kayak lights. The following is a comparison of the lumens/dollar ratio between our lamps and other lamps in the underwater beam lighting industry.

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