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underwater lights for fishing LED green night fishing Advanced Multifunction

14/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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We all know that zooplankton are attracted to light in the same way that insects are attracted to engineered lighting. These tiny microbial species, such as shrimp and dinoflagellates, attract schools of fish. The baitfish immediately took a posture, and circled under the lights of the underwater lights for fishing as if gradually promoting sleep.

This semi-blind fish is very easy to forage. This kind of fish feeding fascinates everyone who loves to catch large carnivorous fish – snapper, trevelly, kingfish and so on.

Night after night, fish will come to your underwater lights for fishing lights to feast on simple foods. underwater lights for fishing The lighting effects are exquisite in structure, which deeply attracts large online game fish. Watch them gulp it down in front of you. What more could we want? go fishing!

Compare this to any other light out there, we simply blow it away. This one has an amazing 360+ degrees of output power – not just 120 degrees in one direction, we’re just using high power LEDs. Amazing light!

The 300W/1000W/3000W fish luring lamp for deep sea ships developed by our company is a new type of fish luring equipment with environmental protection, energy saving and long service life. The environmental protection and energy saving can reach more than 70%, and the service life can reach about 5 times that of traditional metal halide lamps. , The uniquely customized spectrometer has a unique attraction effect on Spanish mackerel, giant squid, saury, mackerel, perch, yellow croaker and other marine economic development fish species. The lamp body is durable and can resist sea surface and corrosion resistance. This product can completely replace traditional metal halide lamps. If this technology can be widely promoted, it will save more energy in our country and bring more economic benefits to fishermen.

underwater lights for fishinglong service life

The brightness retention rate of LED lamps is excellent, and the annual chromaticity loss is only 5%.

Considering the high salt concentration value of Sino-Ocean International’s work, and its special environmental factors such as ultra-low temperature, strong winds and waves, the product has been processed for a long time.

Corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, aging and other malignant transformation detection, to bring you reliable lighting fixtures for the aquatic industry.

Applying new technology LED chip heat dissipation technology, the product develops high-power fish-collecting lamps, which are easy to assemble and light in weight, reducing the weight of wooden boats, and the wind resistance of ocean fishing is small, ensuring sailing.

The energy consumption of LED lamps is reduced by more than 50%, and there is no need for electronic ballasts and many spare glass metal halide bulbs to sail, which greatly reduces the cost of consumables and saves space in the ship’s cabin.

The brightness retention rate of LED lamps is excellent, and the annual chromaticity loss is only 5%. .

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