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underwater light for fishing How much is a 2000 watt fishing lamp?

02/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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Now for professional users who are looking for the highest quality and most beautiful LED lights, we have created customized high output underwater fishing lights up to 2000W.

These lights are built into offshore platforms, marine worlds, amusement parks, fish farms, fish transport vehicles, ports and other professional applications. These are used in solar applications to light up harbors and obstructions, or to attract fish species.

underwater light for fishing:

While you certainly don’t have to be a pro to run this light, it’s important to remember that these 100-watt lights have 11,000 lumens per lamp, which is equivalent to an 800-plus-watt halogen headlight. They perform even better than the most expensive halogen headlights, metal halide and HID underwater lights. No need to replace electronic ballasts, no radio frequency interference, durable up to 50,000 hours.

The fish-collecting lamp is one of the main tools for squid fishing in the sun. The performance of the fish-collecting lamp directly affects the actual effect of luring the squid. Therefore, the correct selection of the light of the fish-collecting lamp plays a vital role in squid fishing. The selection of fish-collecting lamps must generally meet the following requirements:

underwater light for fishing:

①Wide range of direct light source;

②The light source is sunny and suitable for attracting fish;

③Easy to operate and use;

④Lighting fixtures are solid, shock-resistant and salt-resistant. In addition, underwater light for fishing must also be moisture-proof and pressure-resistant;

⑤Easy to replace the bulb

The selection of the illuminance of the direct range of the fish collection lamp should be able to meet the needs of the phototropic production of fish species. Only by attracting fish on a large scale and making the fish more concentrated locally can the effect of fish farming be realized. The ideal fish light not only has a wide range of direct light, but also can adjust the light intensity at any time. The selection of airtightness and pressure resistance of underwater lighting fixtures should meet the needs of fish living in the aquifer. At present, the main parameters of the underwater lights used for squid fishing are 30kg/cm², and the working water level is about 300m, which is kept impermeable.

Available in 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 degree beam angles, as well as white, blue and green outputs. 50W to 2000W configurations are also available, and it reaches 265,000 lumens

This light is made of extra heavy duty 316 stainless steel sheet and is 100% airtight. These unique models are designed for underwater platforms and submersions up to 30 inches. The power plug is 12 inches long, moisture-resistant and user-removable. The lamp must be immersed in water to cool during work, and cannot be used at sea.

These lights are not for the faint of heart, and make otherwise available fishing lights look like little toys.

The above prices are applicable to 100W, 90 degrees, cool white (6000K), 12VDC lamps in stock. Call for pricing and delivery dates on other models.


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