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underwater green light how to make a green underwater fishing light

27/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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How to make green underwater fishing light?

DIY (Do It Yourself) Fishing LED Light Build..

I can tell you step by step

Here’s a quick overview of how to build your fishing light and here’s how to make an LED fish light, Fishing Light DIY (Do It Yourself) Fish LED Light Build..

Hello, we will show you how to make your LED fishing light…

This is not a secret; you can make the same category of LED fishing lights that you buy in the market…

You will not see this kind of information released by the manufacturer…

But I will hand it out to every DIY (do-it-yourself) team member…

Anyone interested in making a hobby at home or giving yourself a good deal! ! !

I’ve found that the green “SMD5050LED Tri-Process Chip” strip provides better lumens than the SMD3528LED strip.

First, you need to buy the components you need to gradually build…

Parts Details:

The Fishing Light Kit You Need to Make a DIY Shrimp Light…

LED signal light strip (high lumens)

40 inches SJOOW2W16/2 bulk weighing cable

Liquid-tight strain clamp

Note 40PVC milky white bearing end cover

Note 40PVC transparent pipe

Note 40PVC PVC shaft sleeve

Schedule40PVCNPT waterproof casing

Note 40PVC white pipe

Note 40PVC coupling

3m5200, PVC adhesive concrete. Or pipe glue and cleaning fluid top coat…

shrink wrap


Soldering Materials and Fluxes


Tension clamp

12-volt power plug, 12-volt cigarette lighter plug, rechargeable battery clip, or hard-wired battery clip

Zipper drive chain

Note: If a flat bearing end cap is used, a shaft sleeve or coupling is generally not required, but a hole is drilled, then a hydraulic seal and nut are screwed into the liquid-tight strain clamp, and a drop of 5200. ..(needed only for enhanced maintenance)

Drill holes with a planer! ! ! Manual punching is not accurate enough, except for liquid-tight strain lamps…

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