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temporary work lights led | 2023 high bay temporary led work light price

16/05/2023 by 内斯勒
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How much is high bay temporary led work light price in 2023?

The price of temporary work lights led in 2023 is determined according to different wattage and materials.
The price of work lights made of high-quality materials will be higher, and the price is determined according to the wattage.
Usually the price of 20W~800W is between $7~$200.

temporary work light led lifespan

Generally, there is no problem with the lifespan of LED lamps for 3-5 years, and the theoretical lifespan of LED lamps is 100,000 hours.
Calculated according to the theoretical lifespan, it can be used for 11 years if it is always on.
But this is the highest value under ideal conditions, and it is impossible to achieve it in normal use.
In real life, the service life of leds also has a certain relationship with current, brightness.
Its service life is similar to that of the raw materials of wooden barrels.

It is not determined by the longest-lived parts, but by the shortest internal life-span.

Scope of application:

Industrial manufacturing field:
LED equipment work lights can be used in industrial manufacturing equipment such as machine tools.
Agricultural field:
LED equipment work lights can be applied to agricultural places such as plant factories and greenhouses.
Provide lighting services with high brightness, , and high color reproduction to promote plant growth.

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