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New sunshine deep glow green underwater dock fishing light user comment

16/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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This is my first time writing a review for a product! Since I bought the green underwater dock fishing ligh and installed it, I think it has to be done.

Did the course and explored the green underwater dock fishing ligh. There are hundreds of lights on the market, but in my experiments, it boils down to similarly priced competitors for this product.

I am very happy with my choice!

The light is “1394 connected”. There is no external transformer module, so it is very easy to wire and keep the assembly clean.

The device itself is built like a meat shield. If the bulb burns out, remove the acorn nut and the hydraulic seal will move forward directly. Since the light is in an enclosed housing (compared to exposed bulbs), it prevents any accidental hazards.

In my freshwater lake use, I doubt it will attract fish like it does in saltwater use. On the first night, everyone will have fish swimming by.

For customer service shipping, the item was delivered to my door in less than a week. It should be 2 days, but I’m planning to change the cable length after placing the order.

2.underwater dock fishing light

If you’re looking for Harbor Lights and need a product that’s made in the USA and does what it’s supposed to do and does it well, look no farther than Song.

Not only is this light stunning, but the customer service is pretty good too. I came and bought one of these for my vacation home in Florida still, and tried to assign a delivery date from when I got there. However, it was actually nearly a week ahead of its scheduled ship date, leaving it on the porch where it was said to be equipped for a week until it arrived. Not at all weird that some guy stole it from my front porch when I got there. Not knowing what to do I called DeepGlow and explained what happened, expecting a long process of claims and phone calls. These guys in turn gave me a new one overnight with no other questions asked. They took it upon themselves to submit the documents to FedEx and I had more lights the next day!

I got a chance to use these green underwater dock fishing ligh for the first time that night, and wow, this thing is light and reasonable. Within minutes, the smaller minnows swirled around them, but within hours, the 2-inch and 3-foot Snooks swirled and devoured the smaller minnows as well. The next morning a pod of whales came to my port. On the second night, I found out that my port was in the middle of Jack’s school (see picture for proof).

The lamp itself is like a heavy tank, an application I hope will last for many years. This thing is top-notch, and the company that manufactures it is also top-notch!

3.underwater dock fishing light

Tried another well known brand but have been forced to replace the electronic ballasts. A neighbor down the street bought this many years ago and still has no problems. The assembly is relatively simple and the structure is very good. This unit does require a lot more cleaning than others, doesn’t come with a dawn/evening timer, and the standard length cable is a bit short for some. I understand all of this because it’s not a thing, since I bought a stand-alone chronograph for less than $70, and can also trade this set with a longer cable from his website.


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