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How to see how many watts the led corn light is?

04/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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  1. The wattage will be marked on the led lamp, but the marked wattage is not the actual wattage. Because the lamp beads of the LED lamp are special, it is necessary to configure a separate power supply for power supply, so the efficiency of the power supply cannot be 100%. .
  2. For example, if the power of a light source is 3w, the power supply efficiency is 75%, and the actual light source is 4w, so there are two standard methods of 3w and 4w. We need to look at its wattage, we can look at the spiral pattern of the light bulb, there will be a row of numbers on it indicating how many watts it is.

Why can the led corn light be used for so long?

First of all, it has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. The corn lamp is made of LED materials, no chemical materials are added in the production and processing, and it will not cause any pollution to the environment during use, which has the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

At the same time, the lighting effect of the corn lamp is longer than that of other lamps. Secondly, it has the characteristics of long life. Corn lamps are also called longevity lamps during use, which can be used for a long time. Compared with traditional lamps, the life span can be extended to more than ten times.

Moreover, during the use of the corn lamp, there will be no burning of tungsten wire due to the long light emitting time. Finally, it has the characteristics of changeable shapes. The corn lamps have various shapes during the processing and production process, and can also be made into various shapes according to different patterns and images, which can also meet the needs of contemporary consumers. In line with the decoration style of the family.


The development and history of Led corn lights:

LED is a new type of light source with the most development prospects in the 21st century. The LED industry is considered to be one of the industries with the most potential for development in recent years. LED has gradually entered the general lighting market and has become a new lighting source. Currently, the development of LED corn lights is limited. Bottleneck The main bottleneck is heat dissipation. LEDs are semiconductor light-emitting devices, and the characteristics of semiconductor light-emitting devices will change significantly with changes in their own temperature. The increase in LED junction temperature will lead to changes and attenuation of the performance of each device. The theoretical life of LED can reach 100,000 hours. In actual use, the junction temperature of LED is generally relatively high. Statistics show that 70% of component failures are caused by excessive temperature. Every time the temperature rises by 10 degrees Celsius, its life will be reduced by half. Moreover, the rise of LED temperature will also have a certain impact on luminous efficiency and luminous color, which will reduce the lighting effect.

In view of the above, the New Sunshine Corn Lamp is aimed at the above technical problems and provides an energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED corn lamp.

Structure of LED Fin Corn Lamp:

The internal drive uses high-efficiency heat sinks and imported thermal silica gel, and uses branded ruby capacitors. The lamp body adopts pure aluminum 1050 fin radiator design, and the efficient heat dissipation function increases the 360° heat dissipation effect, and the service life is longer. The light source adopts imported light source chip SMD2835, because the maximum light-emitting angle of LED is 120 degrees, considering the uniformity of light emission, it is specially designed to emit light at 360 degrees, and its shape is like a corn cob, so it is called led corn light. The lamp body is small and the commonly used lamp caps are E27 lamp cap, B22 lamp cap, e26 lamp cap, e39 lamp cap, e40 lamp cap.

Production materials of LED finned corn bulbs:

A long service life led corn lamp, comprising a corn lamp main body and a mounting frame, lamp beads are installed on the outer surface of the corn lamp main body, heat dissipation grooves are opened on the outer surface of the corn lamp main body, and the outer surface of the mounting frame The surface is fixed with a protective cover, and the outer surface of the main body of the corn lamp and the protective cover is provided with an insect-proof component.

  1. In order to facilitate the installation of the main body of the corn lamp on the lamp holder, the utility model is improved by including a mounting block fixedly mounted on the top of the main body of the corn lamp.
  2. In order to prevent small flying insects from flying into the main body of the corn lamp, the utility model has the improvement that the insect-proof component includes an insect-proof net, an inserting ring and a ring cut groove, and the insect-proof net is respectively fixed on the upper and lower sides of the protective cover. The plug-in ring is fixed on the outer surface of the insect-proof net, and the ring cut grooves are respectively provided on the outer surface of the upper and lower ends of the main body of the corn lamp.
  3. In order not to affect the brightness of the lamp beads while protecting the lamp beads, the material of the protective cover is transparent soft rubber, and the material of the mounting frame is aluminum alloy.
  4. In order to facilitate the installation of the installation block in the lamp holder, the utility model is improved in that the outer surface of the installation block is provided with threads, and the end of the installation block away from the main body of the corn lamp is fixed with a conductive block.

What is the approximate price of the corn lamp

This depends on the brand and quality of the lamp beads. Generally, the price range of corn lamps can be determined according to the wattage. The price range is between $5~$200, and the wattage is between 5W~300W.

The price of LED light sources varies greatly, and the price of LEDs with the same color and brightness varies several times. This gap is mainly reflected in the reliability and attenuation of LEDs, appearance and other performances. Chip prices are higher in the US, Japan and South Korea. Typically, chips made in Taiwan and China are cheaper than those made in the U.S., Japan and South Korea. Of course, with the continuous technological transformation of domestic light source manufacturers, great progress has also been made. The higher the value of high-brightness luminous efficiency, the stronger the ability of the lighting equipment to convert electrical energy into light energy, and the greater the energy saving of the lighting equipment.


The maximum temperature of the chip is about 120 degrees. The thermal conductivity of the lamp bead directly affects the light decay speed of the lamp bead. The key to light decay, long life and quality is life. Strong anti-static ability LED lamp beads with strong anti-static ability are not easily damaged by static electricity in a strong static electricity environment.

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