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how to make a green underwater fishing light?do green lights attract fish

30/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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The whole process of making a small green underwater fishing light:

  1. Take out the original LED lamp beads with an electric soldering iron, and solder the purchased high-definition blue LED lamp beads
  2. Heat the bottom of the cosmetic gift box with a small electric soldering iron to remove the bottom end into a circular hole according to the circular continuous socket, and use fine sandpaper to tidy up, just put the lamp socket into the glue and fix it
  3. Punch a hole on the side of the cosmetic gift box to modify a small power switch
  4. Drill a hole on the side of the cosmetic gift box to modify the fixing screw, and connect it with a black rubber hose (there is a soft galvanized tube inside, which can be bent at will).
  5. Connect the wires and mobile phone, tighten the back cover, press the switch, the light is on, and it is a success.
  6. On the 6MM black glue, use tape to wrap a few fonts and make them bold enough to be inserted into the round hole of the bait tray.

green underwater fishing light:

Pinpointing fish at night can be difficult, but underwater fishing lights send fish around you to make your job easier. This fishing light actually attracts the fish and brings it close enough to you that you can catch some fish. Let’s keep browsing to find out why fishing lights are becoming more popular and how to use them to their full advantage.

Do water fishing lights attract fish? Fishing lights in water actually attract fish and are easier to fish than fishing without light. Artificial lighting, especially underwater fishing lights, will attract zooplankton and small to medium baitfish, while larger gamefish will attract your fishing spots to feed on baitfish in groups.

How does green underwater fishing light attract fish?

Fishing lights attract fish through a very simple food web development process. At night, in the darkness, any artificial light will attract microscopic microorganisms such as plankton, zooplankton and even bacteria.

The tiny baitfish will arrive first, feasting on the tiny ingredients in the water. The larger baitfish such as shad, mullet, salmon, whitebait, herring and squid are undoubtedly the next area to arrive, it really depends on whether you are talking water or saltwater fishing.

After a while, more game fish (the ones you have there) will make the move to eat the baitfish. While baitfish will swing into the lighted water, larger fish will stay in the darkness around the light effect.

They are reluctant to expose themselves to brighter water. In the shadows, they are able to avoid bait fish and deal damage.

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