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How to install outdoor waterproof led garden lights?

14/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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  1. How to install LED waterproof lights
  2. LED waterproof flexible light bar refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board. Their general models are about 5730, 5050, 3528 and other commonly used types.
  3. The width of the four-wire LED waterproof light is about 22mm, the thickness is about 8mm, and the weight is about 0.25kg/m (4 meters per kilogram).
  4. The four-wire LED waterproof light strip has four wires in total, three rows of lights (not four rows of lights), and 24 lights per row of 1 meter, 24*3=72. Because the power of each lamp bead is 0.05W, the power of the 72-bead LED strip is: 72*0.05=3.6W.
  5. When installing the LED light strip, it is usually placed in the light groove, and it can be straightened, or it can be fixed with a string or thin wire. If external or vertical installation is required, clips and tail plugs need to be purchased separately. The original clip is fully transparent. It is best to put waterproof glass glue on the tail plug and plug after installation, so that the waterproof performance is better.

Precautions for installation of LED waterproof lights


  1. The waterproof light belt must wear a plug “plug with transformer”, the connection must be removed from the transparent plastic cover, and then cover it after connecting it and trying it out. Wife can not be connected directly, it is easy to short circuit.
  2. There is a “scissors” sign for each meter, which can only be cut at the sign. If you cut it wrong or off, one meter will not be bright. Some of them will be missed because of the mark. It is best to carefully check the position of the mark before cutting, and cut according to the place where there is no connection in the center.

how to install 12v led garden lights   

12v led garden lights The installation process of LED garden lights: installation of lamp holders and LED garden lights → matching and connecting the downline → testing LED garden lights. LED garden light installation steps and methods:

  1. Measure the installation height of the LED garden lamps ((lamp holder) according to the design requirements, and draw a mark on the pole.
  2. Hang the light stand and LED garden light on the pole (the heavy light stand and LED garden light can be hung on the pole with a pulley or a large rope), put on the hoop or bolt, and find the irradiation angle according to the design requirements. After finding the straightness, fasten the lamp holder. The elevation angles of LED garden lamps installed in rows should be consistent and arranged neatly
  3. Connect the down conductor: fix the pin insulator on the light stand, tie the back end of the wire to the insulator, and connect it to the lamp head wire and the fuse respectively. Wrap the joints with rubber cloth and black tape in half overlapping layers. Then, tighten the other end of the wire, and wind it with the back of the LED garden light main line to connect it. Pay attention to the process of connecting the lead wire:

1) The phase line of each set of LED garden lamps should be equipped with a fuse, and the phase line should be connected to the center terminal of the screw lamp holder.

2) The distance between the connection point of the down conductor and the thousand wire of the LED garden light should be 400-600mm from the center of the rod, and both sides should be symmetrical. 3) There should be no joints in the volley section of the down conductor, and the length should not exceed 4m. If it exceeds, a fixed point should be installed or a steel pipe lead should be used. 4) The place where the wire enters and exits the light frame should be covered with a soft plastic tube, and a waterproof bend should be made.

  1. Test LED garden lights: After all the installation work is completed, power on, test the lights, and further adjust the irradiation angle of the LED garden lights until there are no problems in use.

how to choose led lights for indoor vegetable garden

  1. The spectrum of the artificial light source is carefully designed according to the needs of plant growth. The special plant supplementary light will customize the spectrum according to the needs of different growth stages of different crops. The spectrum can obviously affect the supplementary light effect.
  2. For crops and flowers that require coloring, it is better to use red and blue light plant lights, which can be colored, promote flowering and fruiting, and increase production. For leafy crops, full-spectrum plant lights can be used. If you grow plants at home, it is best to choose full-spectrum plant lights, because the light of red and blue plant lights is pink.
  3. Crop types Different crops do not require light. For wild vegetable crops, we can choose to use full-spectrum fill light, which is affordable and sufficient to achieve the fill light effect. For melon and fruit crops and flowers, you can choose red and blue light fill lights, which have a good fill light effect on promoting the growth of stems and leaves, flowering and fruiting, preventing excessive growth and coloring.

how to choose led light for indoor garden?

There are various forms of LED garden lights, and the heights are also very different. The height and distance of the LED garden lights are selected according to the style of the garden.

These led garden lights are not only used for lighting, but also used to decorate the courtyard. They are a kind of decoration, and they look very different during the day. At night, they set off against the flowers and trees and become a new landscape in the courtyard. In the yard and on the lawn beside the road, the light is soft, not dazzling, it feels very soft and quiet.

The choice of garden lights should also pay attention to the lighting effect. First, the lighting area should be wide, so as to make people more convenient. Second, the light brightness should be appropriate and not too dazzling. It is recommended to choose a warm color light source to create a courtyard atmosphere.

The price of LED garden lights is also very different. There are ordinary lights worth tens of yuan. In fact, the decorative effect of ordinary lights is also very good.

Environmentally friendly led garden lights are a new fashion, more and more popular in people’s lives, there are garden lights everywhere to illuminate the road for people walking, and to illuminate the way home for those who return home late, giving people a sense of very warm and peaceful feeling

How long do solar powered led garden lights last?

The solar garden light is durable and has a long service life. At present, the production technology of most solar cell components is sufficient to ensure that the characteristics will not decrease for more than 10 years, and the solar cell components can generate electricity for 25 years or longer. The specific structure of solar garden lights is composed of solar panels, batteries, and control panels. It uses natural light radiation as the energy source, uses solar panels to charge the battery during the day, and controls the battery to charge and discharge the light source at night.

Solar garden lights generally use ternary lithium batteries, which have a very long service life and are safer. In addition, the larger the capacity of the battery, the greater the stored electric energy, and the longer the lighting time will be relatively longer. However, the battery is generally installed in the internal structure of the lamp body, which is difficult to see.

It is hard to say the exact lifespan, mainly based on the lifespan of each different component; for example: the lifespan of solar panels is more than 25 years; the lifespan of light poles can also be more than 30 years; solar street lights use LEDs The biggest feature of the LED light source is that the life span can reach 50,000 hours. Assuming that it is used for 10 hours a day, the life span is at least 10 years. And so on will affect some of the reasons for the service life of solar garden lights. Generally speaking, the service life of our solar garden lights is still very good, and they are most suitable for use as street lights.

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