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How to choose led work lights and home led work lights?

06/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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  1. First of all, choose high-efficiency LED lights. This type of LED lamp is very efficient, so the brightness provided is higher than that of ordinary bulbs.
  2. In addition, it is also necessary to choose LED lights with relatively high environmental protection. If it is an environmentally friendly LED lamp, it does not contain mercury, so it is very safe to use, it will not output harmful light sources, and it is relatively safe to emit light.
  3. The bulbs of LED lights are mainly divided into dimmable and non-dimmable types. When choosing, you can choose according to the actual situation, and they are generally marked on the outside of the box.

How to choose household led work lights?


  1. Points to note when selecting spotlights (ceiling lights): Now the ceiling spotlights are divided into frosted, lens, and metal types. .For a 75W spotlight, you need to choose a 1W spotlight with sufficient power, so that it will last long enough, and the light decay will be relatively slow, and it will be bright enough.
  2. Living room decoration: The living room is a place for family activities. LED must be used for decoration. No radiation is beneficial to the health of the family and it is very energy-saving and economical. The living room generally needs to install ceiling lamps + spotlights (ceiling lamps) + light strips, which can be seen at a glance directly from the picture above. Points to note when choosing a ceiling lamp for the living room: The ceiling lamp for the living room is the main lighting fixture. Do not choose an overly fancy ceiling lamp. Although the surface looks good, it is troublesome to take care of and not very practical. It is recommended to choose a simple and elegant ceiling lamp.
  3. Some people don’t like simple and modern ceiling lamps, but fancy ceiling lamps with many styles. If you have enough energy to take care of it, you should pay attention to the choice of crystal light source, that is, candle lamps. Now the candle lamps on the market are divided into traditional lamp beads. There are two kinds of 180-degree light emission and 360-degree patch light emission. You should choose 360-degree light emission, so that the light has no dead angle and the light is more uniform. In addition to ceiling lamps and spotlights, bulb lamps can be applied in various places.

From what time to see the quality of industrial and mining lights?


  1. Chip: The quality of the chip determines the luminous flux, the speed of light decay, etc.;
  2. Power supply: The power drive determines whether the led high bay light can work normally, as well as the working efficiency and life;
  3. Heat dissipation: If the poor heat dissipation aluminum material is selected, the life of the led high bay light will be reduced due to excessive temperature, and the power drive may be burned out in severe cases.

However, the current power supply and lamp beads are very mature. You can choose DOB or independent power supply solutions according to the cost performance. The lamp board or power supply can be replaced after the warranty period of the whole lamp. The most important thing is the efficiency of service response and comprehensive cost performance.


What is the principle of rechargeable LED work lights?

The principle of rechargeable LED work lights is similar to that of incandescent bulbs. The electricity is first converted into heat, and the filament is heated to a high temperature to emit light. Combining with tungsten atoms at high temperature, and reducing tungsten iodide to tungsten on the high temperature tungsten wire, which greatly prolongs the service life of the bulb. Generally, the service life of steel wire tubes varies from thousands to tens of thousands of hours depending on the conditions of use. .

Since the advent of rechargeable LED work lights, they have been talked about because of their high brightness and energy saving, but things always have two sides, good and bad, let’s analyze its advantages and disadvantages below:

Advantages: The life of the bulb can be as long as 60,000 hours. Recently, the appearance of a LED bulb that can last for 60 years has greatly improved the life of the bulb, even exceeding the life of human beings. In addition to having a long service life, the energy-saving performance of LED bulbs cannot be ignored. Compared with ordinary tungsten-halogen lamps and incandescent machine tool lamps, they can save energy by about 80%. In addition, it is a cold light, which hardly generates heat, so it will not explode due to excessive heat in the narrow range of rechargeable LED work lights. In addition, it can withstand greater impact, especially suitable for use in mechanical equipment. In addition, the light is environmentally friendly, and the light effect is pollution-free.

How to repair the led work light of lathe?

Common fault 1: The light of the machine tool light is not always on but flickering. This may be a common problem. The occurrence of this may cause the LED machine tool work lights to be unusable. Such problems are mainly caused by poor contact of the machine tool lights. The solution is Check and fix common loose parts, such as sockets, etc., and the problem can generally be solved.

Common fault 2: The light of the machine tool light is dim or does not emit light. There are generally two reasons for the problem of the LED machine tool work light. One is the wrong contact with the voltage used, and the other is the damage of the bulb, so the solution is also symptomatic. Take a look Whether the voltage is correct, or check the light bulb and replace it with a new light source.

  1. The lampshade can be rotated at any angle. Wherever you want to take photos.
  2. Stable. All steel wires are fixed by wires, which will not fall off or be damaged. The lines are also beautiful and have a sense of design.
  3. The whole shape is very neat, even if it is in a rental house, the feeling of the whole home or studio comes out.

We should use LED work lights like this:


  1. The LED machine tool work light is made of die-cast aluminum integral casting shell, the surface is oxidized, and the appearance is beautiful,.
  2. The LED machine tool work lamp adopts an all-aluminum shell and a specially designed heat dissipation structure. The heat spreads when the lamp is working, which improves the life and safety of the lamp.
  3. LED work lights are designed with IP68 full protection level, and the lights can work in water and any harsh environment.
  4. The LED work lights are powered by DC power supply, which can adapt to any vehicle, ship DC power supply system and field work environment.
  5. The LED work lamp adopts famous high-power light source, the luminous efficiency is as high as 90LM/W, and the lamp life is as long as 30,000 hours.
  6. The related parts of LED work lights are made of stainless steel, which is extremely difficult to corrode.
  7. The LED work light has a retractable and detachable tripod stand, with a maximum length of 1.8M and a minimum length of 0.5M; it is easy to carry after the lamp is disassembled, and the lamp head can be increased or decreased according to the demand (up to 4 lamp heads can be installed).
  8. The tripod bracket of the LED work light is treated with baking paint on the surface of the steel pipe.

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