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How many watts does the corn led light bulb have?

03/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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The maximum wattage of New Sunshine LED Corn Light is 200W.

The electrodeless lamp, that is, the LED corn lamp 200W, is equivalent to the brightness of the ordinary lamp 1200W, and the ordinary lamp 500W consumes one degree of electricity for two hours. The LED corn lamp 200W consumes one degree of electricity for 6 hours.

Compared with other lamps, it is 60 times that of incandescent lamps, 12 times that of energy-saving lamps, 12 times that of fluorescent lamps, and 20 times that of high-pressure mercury lamps. The long life of high-frequency electrodeless discharge lamps greatly reduces maintenance troubles and The number of replacements saves material costs and labor costs, and ensures long-term normal use.

corn led light bulb

What should I do if the fin LED corn light flickers when it is working?

The LED fin corn lamp does not match the LED drive power supply. Normally, a single 1W lamp bead can withstand current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V. If the lamp bead chip is not of sufficient power, it will cause the light source to flicker. If the current is too high, the lamp bead will turn on and off if it cannot withstand it. In severe cases, the gold wire or copper wire built into the lamp bead will be blown, causing the lamp bead to not light up. It may be that the drive power supply is broken, as long as you replace it with another good drive power supply, it will stop flashing.

If the driver has over-temperature protection function, but the heat dissipation performance of the material of the lamp cannot meet the requirements, the driver over-temperature protection of the LED fin corn lamp will start to work, and there will be a phenomenon of flickering, for example: 20W flood light shell is used for assembly For 30W lamps, this will happen if the heat dissipation is not done well. the

If the outdoor led corn light also flickers on and off, it means that the light has entered water. The consequence is that it will not light up after flashing. The lamp bead and the driver are broken. If the driver is waterproof, it is only necessary to break the lamp bead and replace the light source.

LED finned corn lamp is a kind of LED corn lamp. It is mainly designed to emit light at 360 degrees in consideration of the uniform light emission of the lamp. Its shape is like a corn cob, so it is called corn lamp. The so-called explosion-proof corn light is mainly to put a flameproof explosion-proof shell on the outside of the LED fin corn light, so that the LED corn light can continue to be used in many dangerous environments. The LED corn lamp (explosion-proof) produced by Delixi explosion-proof adopts all-round, three-dimensional multi-particle light source, coupled with the flameproof shell, it is a particularly popular LED fin corn lamp in the market, LED fin corn light.

The addition of explosion-proof devices on the basis of LED fin corn lamps enables LED fin corn lamps to be used in chemical plants, oil plants, coal mines and other workplaces with dangerous gas and dust environments, which greatly enriches the LED fin corn lamps. The scope and value of the lamp.

corn led light bulb

How to choose led corn light?

Nowadays, the LED corn lights in the LED lighting market have long been dizzying. How can we choose the most satisfactory products in this dazzling market?

First of all, the price of LED lamps is much more expensive than ordinary lighting lamps, but LED lamps are very cost-effective if the lights are used for a long time every day. You can save this money on lamps and lanterns in about a year.

Quality, first of all, can be observed through the relevant certification marks on the packaging, and secondly, you can try to observe it through some external phenomena. Shake the lamp to feel whether there is any looseness, and observe whether the lighting of the lamp suddenly becomes weak. Check whether the temperature exceeds the standard through a period of lighting work.

After-sales, this represents the manufacturer’s confidence in their products, and it can also make consumers feel at ease about the products. Usually two years.

corn led light bulb

Which led corn light is bright?

  1. LED corn lights have high luminous efficiency, and the luminous efficiency of LED corn lights has reached more than 130lm/W. 2. Long life, the life of LEDs is 100,000 hours. After being made into lamps, the actually recognized life span is at least 30,000 hours Hours, high quality can achieve 50,000 hours 1) Mercury-free

2) No ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution 3) Light of various color temperatures can be provided as required, usually 2700-7000K.

3) No glass parts, resistant to impact and vibration, easy to transport.

4) High safety, no harm to the human body, energy saving and consumption reduction

Wholesale price of led corn light

If you have demand for led corn lights, you can contact us at New Sunshine. Our led corn lights not only have quality assurance, but also the price is much cheaper than the market. Now click the lower right corner or send an email to call us to enjoy a discount of up to 20%!

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After calling the quality problem call, our company’s engineer will contact the person in charge of your company by phone within 60 minutes to understand the fault phenomenon, determine the maintenance issue, and propose a solution.

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