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How is the power saving effect of led work lights compared with ordinary lights?

07/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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While ordinary light bulbs that you use every day consume a lot of electricity, LED miner’s lamps require only the bare minimum necessary to be attractive. You understand this better when you know that it only uses 10 watts of power, which is very little, about 60% of a normal light bulb. This energy efficiency is key to long-term operation.

Besides your electricity bills, you can save a ton of money with LED high bays in other ways. Without any of the overheating troubles that normal bulbs face, these lights don’t exhibit any of that, and they still have even illumination.

Because they are raised and fixed from above, these LEDs have more distributed lighting, meaning they can illuminate wide spaces rather than being confined to a narrow lighting radius.

Some people say that LED high bay lights are more expensive than ordinary lights, which is not true. In fact, no LED can boast a high price, because it is not. Unless, of course, you buy specialized bulbs, the cost is offset by durability. LED workplace lights are inexpensive, and the materials used in the manufacturing process add to the cost, but overall, their total cost is high compared to the efficiency they bring.

led work lights

How to install the led work light high bay light?


  1. How to install led high bay lights
  2. Preset the hook at the position where the LED high bay light needs to be installed. It should be noted that the hook should be used in conjunction with the ring. In addition, the hook should ensure that the carrying capacity is above 30Kg during installation.
  3. Snap the ring on the LED high bay light into the set hook, and then lift the lamp through the ring.
  4. Then connect the power cord from the scene to the power cord of the lamp, connect it according to the wiring principle of the lamp, and do waterproof and insulation treatment.
  5. After turning on the power, it is necessary to observe whether the LED industrial and mining lights can work normally, and the installation can only be considered as completed after confirming that there is no problem.
  6. How to wire LED industrial and mining lights

LED industrial and mining lights generally come out with three wires, the blue wire and the brown wire are connected to the live wire L and the neutral wire N, regardless of positive and negative poles, and there is a yellow wire with a hint of green in the middle, which is called yellow rolling green. This line is the ground wire, if there is no ground wire, it can be left blank.

Compared with traditional industrial and mining lamps, LED factory lights have longer service life and more stable performance. The frequency of maintenance and replacement after use is low. The installation and wiring of lamps are simple and convenient, as long as we pay a little attention to it.

led work lights

How to remove the damaged mobile led work light?


  1. Remove the square panel light and push it up directly, it is directly placed on it.
  2. To disassemble the round panel light, pull it down forcefully. It is stuck by a card. See the installation instructions. It can be reversed. When removing the light, pay attention to power off.
  3. Remove the four frames of the buckle panel light, and break off the inlaid switch or button.
  4. To disassemble the flat panel of the integrated ceiling LED light, first use a suction cup to buckle the gusset next to the LED, and then it can be removed smoothly.
led work lights

Can led temporary work lights be used outdoors?

The led temporary work light is very suitable for installation in camping places. It not only solves the main problems of campers, but also ensures the safety of these people to a certain extent. The size is very suitable for installing energy storage batteries inside.

In the outdoor lighting project, when designing architectural landscape lighting, colored LED temporary work lights can be used to illuminate the roof, or LED line lights can be used to outline the outline of the eaves. In the lighting design of the scenic spot, the illuminance of the key lighting is preferably 3-5 times that of the basic lighting.

  1. When choosing LED lamps in lighting engineering, in addition to paying attention to product characteristics such as lamp life, light color, and energy saving, the brand of the lamp, the shape of the product, and after-sales service must also be considered. On the premise of satisfying functional lighting, the landscape lighting design must first be unified with the lighting of surrounding buildings.
  2. When using LED lighting, it can better preserve the original style of the landscape at night or other times, and add to the charm of the landscape. High-brightness lighting is used for performance. Strong directional light can well highlight the building The three-dimensional sense and texture of objects.
led work lights

Can led temporary work lights work in low temperature?

General safety regulation use range is -20℃~65℃. The working temperature of LED lamps is below 65°C. The temperature is mainly related to the lamp bead, radiator and the power of the lamp bead. In addition, it is necessary to judge whether the lamp cup radiator is matched with the lamp bead. If the temperature is too high, it will easily cause the lamp pearl light to decay seriously, and even bring safety hazards. Generally, when the bulb reaches thermal equilibrium, the temperature of the lamp bead pin is not higher than 65°C, and the surface temperature of the radiator is not higher than 55°C, which is a qualified product.

The LED itself is not afraid of low temperature, but when the temperature is too low, it will affect other components in the drive circuit, such as electrolytic capacitors and triodes. But minus 30 degrees will not affect normal use. Now many cold storages use LEDs, and there is a problem with no response.

High-power LED lamp beads can be durable, up to 150 degrees, the brightness will drop severely, the light decay is serious, the service life is not long, the temperature is related to heat dissipation, and the LED itself can work at a very low temperature. Some high-power LEDs can often reach more than 100 degrees Celsius when they work.

But high temperature has an impact on LED life, so the lower the temperature, the better. High-power LED particles generate a lot of heat, which affects the life of the LED at the same time, because the internal resistance decreases and the current is too large due to heat generation. LED particles are easily damaged, so high-power LED lamps are equipped with radiators

led work lights

Led light does not start at low temperature

The reason why the LED lamp cannot be started at low temperature is:

  1. The solder joints of the LED light bar have false soldering, and the vibration during transportation causes the solder joints to fall off and the light strip does not light up.
  2. The quality of the solder is not good, and the solder joints of the LED strip are prone to brittle cracks and falling off during the bending process.
  3. The bending angle is too large during installation, causing the solder joints of the LED light bar to separate from the copper foil, resulting in no light.
  4. The solder resistance layer of the circuit board of the LED light bar is too thick, and the solder and the circuit board cannot be completely fused together during welding, which is also a phenomenon of virtual soldering.

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