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How deep should the underwater green fishing light be placed in the water

27/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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How deep should the underwater green fishing light be placed in the water?

1, 10 feet to 15 feet long is very good.

  1. The fish luring light in water is used to gather fish. It is relatively simple to use, and it can be placed in the water 10 feet to 15 feet immediately. The underwater green fishing light source is quite attractive to small shrimps and larvae, and it is easy to lure them to gather, so as to achieve the goal of big fish eating small fish, and then big fish can go fishing or lay fishing.

Do you know why the deep submersible LED underwater green fishing light works?

Because emerald green deep dive LED fishing lights can attract fish

Wow, look at this fish attracted to green light.

This is all related to the wavelength of the emerald green spectrum. Just as green lasers are easier to see, so are these underwater night lights.

But just because you have a light in one of them doesn’t guarantee you’ll be honoring your luggage allowance. Mainly because many anglers don’t know exactly how to set up fishing lights around a boat or port. In addition, some areas have no fish at all.

So there must be many reasons for this, but don’t worry! Here are some more suggestions that you can use to catch the perfect fish a lot.

By fishing with water signals, your chances of getting a good catch of the day are greatly increased.


Try to find a spot in an area with a good drop off point. If the top is 10 feet deep and descends rapidly to 50 feet, you’ll probably want to be able to gradually set in 15 feet to 25 feet of water. If you’re unlucky there, move deeper or shallower until you find the fish.

A baitfish that attracts fish is essential! If the bait fish is not seen within the first 30 minutes after setting the lighting effect, please move to another location. Just because they aren’t in one place doesn’t mean they won’t be in another place in the middle and lower reaches of the lake. Water temperature and oxygen levels are important factors in attracting many baitfish. If the water temperature is below 70 degrees or the oxygen content is poor, there will be very few bait fish and wild game around the light effect. If your boat or port is in high quality water with good construction, the lighting effects can attract lots of baitfish.

Anchor boats run out of fish

If your boat moves or rocks from a stationary position, zooplankton or microbes never gather around the lights, and there are no fish to fall for. Silence is important.

So, steer your boat in such a way that it stays still and doesn’t wobble or move too much.

But you don’t have to use boats. Fishing on the shore or by the lake is a great way to use this underwater LED fishing light. I like to use the next door neighbor’s bridge port because it is solid and has a great fishing platform.

Only use a small flashlight on the surface, since we only need to be underwater for lighting. It is best to be in a completely shaded place above the river, because the fish will see this light and your silhouette.

This green LED underwater light is New Sunshine’s best fishing light and can position your boat where fish can easily get close to them for food.

. If you need to buy underwater green fishing light, you can come to our new sunshine.

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