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green underwater fishing light | What should I do when using a fish lure light at night?

03/05/2023 by 内斯勒
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Lures for Green LED Fish Lure Lights can be used in freshwater or saltwater fishing situations and work the same way as fishing lights, by attracting small baits that fish eat.
This will attract bait fish around the boat. It’s also a way to provide light to help with wiring and gear without attracting insects.
The Green Underwater Fishing Light is a portable light and economical, one of the versatile ways to provide some light for night fishing with light lures.

The underwater fishing light is used to collect fish, and the method of use is very simple, just put it underwater. The trick to using bug lights is that the light band is preferably dark green.
Then it is as bright as possible, and then it is also effective in the dark.
Fishing lights at night have an impact on fish. Sometimes lights are good for fishing, but when used incorrectly they can scare them.

green underwater fishing light:

However, in order to attract fish schools, the light must not be too strong. Too strong or too strong direct light on the nest may disturb the fish schools in the water and have an adverse effect on fishing.
Especially for fish living in shallow water, light has a greater impact on them. If the light is too strong at this time, they may feel scared.
For example, if the intensity and color of the light source are just right, then the light can not only illuminate, but also attract fish.
However, if the light is too strong or just hits the fish nest, it may also disturb the fish.
Therefore, it is recommended to choose green, yellow or white light when fishing at night. The light should not be too strong, and at the same time, it should shine on the water surface instead of the fish nest.

green underwater fishing light:

Sea fish like blue and green light. Sea fish are more sensitive to blue and green.
Under blue, activities can be performed in a large area.
When the light turns yellow, schools of fish start to gather and become less active.
When the light turns into green light, the fish school will be denser and the action will be more sluggish, so the fish can still distinguish the light color.
According to experiments, the shorter the light wave, the more active the fish will be; the longer the light wave, the slower the fish will be.

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