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Green Fishing Light How to catch fish with green underwater fishing light?

11/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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So you might be saying by now, “Why do underwater lights attract fish?” In this article, not only will green underwater fishing light attract fish, but the best underwater lights to buy for your particular underwater lighting application will also be discussed .

What is an green underwater fishing light?

The underwater lamp is a light bulb that can submerge under the surface of the river to emit beautiful water light and skin rejuvenation. This light is proven to lure species in both marketing and recreational fishing applications. Various types of underwater lights include LED, xenon lamp, metal halide lamp, mercury lamp and halogen lamp, underwater green fishing lights.

Why do they attract fish?

Most fish eyes contain two color effectors. This Hue protein kinase is best at accepting blue light wavelengths at 425-490nm technology and near-ultraviolet wavelengths at 320-380nm technology. Shrimp and insects have vision and have these wavelengths of light, as well as green photoreceptors of 530 nanometer technology.


Perhaps the most important aspect of fish species’ influence on lighting effects in water is also phytoplankton. As the sun goes down and day turns to night, the tiny plant photosynthesizers are attracted to the green underwater fishing light for energy. Because there is no other food to look for, phytoplankton flocks to use LEDunderwater green fishing lights as energy sources. Other aquatic life will be attracted by the phytoplankton as an energy source; finally create an aquatic feeder.

food web

When the underwater light is fixed in one position, more and more fish will find the light and come home to find food. This process will continue upwards along the food web until all kinds of aquatic life are gathered around the light.

What is a good fish attractant?

high toughness

High-resistance underwater lights are particularly important for improving the visibility of light and improving the output of lumens. The increased lumen output and increased visibility will attract more phytoplankton and aquatic life to your underwater light. LED lights have the best performance in terms of high lumen output with relatively low power costs, and are the best choice for underwater fishing lights. Different types of LEDs release different types of lumens that are derived as output power evaluation indicators. The cream, emerald, light green, blue and red EpiLEDs each emit 180, 130, 110, 90 and 50 lumens, respectively. In fact, when picking out LED lights, you should consider the color of the light and its lumen metric.

Outgoing light with a wavelength similar to dark blue or green light

Although high-definition blue or green light is not indispensable for attracting aquatic life, it can be very helpful. White light is also very effective, and due to its very high compressive strength, it has a broad spectrum that includes greens and blues. At LoomisLED, we sell a variety of colors, including white, green, light green, blue, and red.

deep dive

Compared to submersible underwater lights, using aquatic lights is inefficient due to many eye damage and reflections from the water surface. In addition, the water acts as a perfect thermal sync, allowing your lights to operate at higher output at higher conditions.

Which color light is more attractive to fish?

Generally speaking, green light attracts more fish. Green features each LED130 high lumen output and 520nm wavelength. Shrimp and insects have these light wavelengths and their green photoprotein kinase around 530um in the vision. Therefore, green underwater fishing lights are both bright and can attract many other fish because of their bait.

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