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Features of Fishing Green Light do green fishing lights really work?

15/12/2022 by 内斯勒
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Dear, hello, I am very happy to answer everyone! green fishing lights fishing is valuable

Green fishing lights are effective. Green fishing lights are used when fishing at night, according to the release of green light, to recognize the movement of fish floats in the distance, and then distinguish fish news. And the green light is not easy to pass through the river surface, and it will not frighten the fish in the water, so the fishing light is still effective for fishing.

For bottom fish fishing, the lighting effect may not be obvious, just to take a quick look at the drifting image, see this personal preference to choose high-definition green light, if the fishing boat is fishing, it will be much better to use green fishing lights underwater with large wattage .

But for fishing floats, such as white stripes, cocked mouths, silver carp and bighead carp, I think the color of the light has something to do with the height, especially taking silver carp and bighead carp as an example, I think the effect of attracting fish with green light is the best. Sometimes it is not necessary to make a nest, but to rub larger bait balls in the early stage and play a working frequency to cooperate with each other, and the white light catches fish all at once. So I think it still has a big impact.

Many fishermen like night fishing, especially in summer. Night fishing has its charming charm, because it is quiet and cool at night, and the mood is happy. Secondly, big fish come to the port at night to look for food, and they can catch big fish. It is inevitable for everyone to use night fishing. Fishing lights, or luminous floats, do fishing lights like that have the effect of luring fish? I think it has a certain effect on attracting fish, but the effect is just the opposite for big fish. It may frighten big fish. The vigilance of fish must be much higher than that of fish, and the use of fishing light festivals will make big fish feel anxious and escape from dark dens.

When we fish at night, I personally think that we should use luminous floats. Although luminous floats are not as dexterous as ordinary floats, a little bit of fishing can just filter out the mouth of the fish, which is more helpful for catching big fish, and there is no light. Influenced, big coffee is more likely to be fooled.

If you have needs for green fishing lights underwater, you can contact us at New Sunshine, our lamps are very good:

  1. The lamp cover has an anti-reflective effect, which makes the light milder, reduces eye fatigue and improves efficiency.
  2. Sturdy and durable, up to 100,000 hours, no maintenance.
  3. The casing is made of light alloy products with moisture-proof quality, anti-fouling and corrosion resistance.
  4. The fully transparent component is made of EXO glue, which has the advantages of high light transmittance and good impact resistance, and can work in various harsh environments.
  5. The wide voltage design range of all national grids in the world is 85-300V, and the narrow working voltage is only 80-144V. Global Versatility!

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