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Do you need underwater fishing lights for fishing in saltwater and freshwater lakes and rivers?

06/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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If you want a rounded lighting effect, it’s best to stick with the underwater harbor lighting options tailored for saltwater applications. The high concentration of residue and electrolyte solution in salt water makes it one of the most corrosive and inconvenient living environments for underwater port lights. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the key features that should be considered for freshwater and saltwater underwater lighting environments.

Freshwater Harbor Lights/underwater fishing lights 

As you probably already know, fresh water is far less corrosive than salt water. Lower concentrations of impurities and carbonates mitigate the effects of electrolysis and deterioration.

Freshwater Harbor Lighting Fixture Covers

The enclosure you choose for your underwater harbor lighting fixture should be designed according to what you are trying to achieve.

If you’re looking for a low-voltage, low-brightness temporary harbor light to keep your money in the water while fishing, you can use LED strips coiled in PVC. This light is known for its cumulative boost, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

If you’re looking for a design to maintain year-round brightness in water compared to underwater harbor lights, you’ll want to steer clear of PVC casings as they don’t provide adequate heat dissipation, have a limited lifespan, or must compensate for color Only then can it continue for a longer period of time.

Important reference standards for Danshui port lighting/underwater fishing lights fixtures:

Fresh water has relatively low concentrations of debris and electrolyte solutions

Try to use low-grade (304) stainless steel plate or carbon steel underwater light housing, it will corrode.

Stick to aluminum or higher grade (316) stainless steel, which has molybdenum, which will help increase the life of the harbor light enclosure.

Low-voltage, low-power harbor lights need to be made of PVC, but it must be noted that without a proper cooling structure (yes, even in water), traditional bright underwater harbor lights will overheat.

Elastic sealing and packaging form are important for long-term durability

Seawater Harbor Lights/underwater fishing lights :

All friends who live near salt water know that it is harmful to every kind of metal. Even high-end stainless steel (316) will corrode over time. This is because the high concentration of electrolyte solution and residue in the water will aggravate the effects of electrolysis and deterioration. Thankfully, OutriggerOutdoors has brought a line of underwater harbor lights that are built to withstand the harshest environments while still functioning well.

Sea Harbor Light Chassis

The minimum level of material for saltwater environments is 316 stainless steel or higher. In fact, you will find that the aluminum lamp cover has better long-term durability and resilience.

The downside of aluminum (and aluminum hardware configurations in general) is that it’s softer, so over-tightening screws can also cause them to break very easily. As long as you hand tighten the screws only, you will notice the lasting effect of the aluminum profile compared to all stainless steel underwater lighting options.

Important reference standards for sea port lighting fixtures:

Salt water with high concentration electrolyte solution and residue

Higher-grade (316) stainless steel will still corrode, and aluminum is a better material for underwater port lighting housings.

To prevent powder coating, adhere to the principle of electrophoresis or anodic oxidation treatment coating. It is important to note that poor quality anodized coatings will turn tinted and coppery over time, which can lead to fouling.

Low-power underwater lighting fixtures can be made of PVC shells, but it must be noted that such lights need to be used on a temporary basis, not a permanent application. It could be long term, we’ll have every local barnacle clinging to that light in a few weeks.

Underwater harbor lights that attract fish

Underwater port lighting fixtures can create a pleasant atmosphere and decorate the appearance of a port or pier; but to be honest, this is not the main reason why we generally choose underwater port lights. They buy lights to start fishing and attract fish. Sunshine has green fishing lights in the water, which is good for you.

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