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Do LED corn bulbs look weird? Why are LED corn bulbs rarely used?

31/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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The appearance of the led corn lamp design is 360° around the direct viewing angle. There are a corresponding number of LED lamp beads on the periphery and bottom of the lighting fixture. Because the overall appearance is particularly like corn, it is named for this.

The overall lighting effect of the led corn lamp is very good, and it must be comparable to fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes. We all know that there is another LED lamp whose shape is very similar to the traditional fluorescent lamp, and that is the bulb lamp. Although the two are very similar in appearance, the lighting effect of led bulbs is far inferior to that of traditional fluorescent lamps. After all, there are many design restrictions in the direct angle of LED bulbs, and the viewing angle of lighting fixtures often does not exceed 180°, resulting in Excessive shadows on lighting fixtures. The corn lamp is the only one that can make up for the shortcoming of the LED bulb lamp and is more than ten times more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than the fluorescent lamp. The corn lamp can be regarded as a perfect substitute for fluorescent tubes and fluorescent lamps.

But there is a problem that is worth noting, that is the manufacturer, we will find that there are many sellers selling LED products in the lighting market, but none of the LED corn lamps sold by the store is produced by the manufacturer.

According to the bright market, led corn lights must be able to comply with the requirements of the people, because it has obvious direct light effect, convenient installation, high quality and low price, and the huge demand is enough to deposit strong kinetic energy for optoelectronic companies, because why are those super companies so long? Don’t do it? According to my personal analysis, there are mainly the following reasons.

Although the LED corn lamp can achieve 360° wide-angle lens direct light in the lamp bead layout, there is no way to solve the problem of heat dissipation. We all know that a large and medium-sized company strives for survival on quality. No matter how much user experience is, the service life It is useless if the light loss is too short.

Secondly, there are shortcomings in the design. I think that many LED corn lights are all integrated in the structure of the casing, and the LED lamp beads are all connected in series. In other words, as long as one LED lamp bead is broken, all lighting fixtures Even if it is broken, because there is no way to repair it.

These two aspects alone are enough to make these very photoelectric companies daunting. It is not so much that they have not discovered the huge sales market of corn lamps, but that they are unwilling to enter the muddy water. From the perspective of various brand planning companies, they will never invest in manufacturing until they solve the application problems related to lighting fixtures.

LED corn lights do not solve the problem of chip heat dissipation at all. This type of lighting fixture is only suitable for engineering, such as landscape lighting or lawn lamps. Nobody cares. It should never be used in living lighting fixtures.

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