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Can led temporary work lights be used on construction sites?

08/02/2023 by 内斯勒
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Led temporary work lights can be used on the construction site. At present, most of the construction site lighting uses traditional lighting fixtures. According to the construction site and use, it is roughly divided as follows:

(I) Office lighting and living lighting in the office area and living area: basically use 220V lamps, such as office fluorescent tubes, solar energy-saving bulbs, etc.

(II) Fixed lighting on the construction site: tower cranes use 380V/3500W dysprosium lamps, processing plants use 220V/150W factory-type controlled cover floodlights, basements, construction elevator platforms and stairwells use 36V low-voltage incandescent bulbs, passageways or on-site use Iodine tungsten lamp, etc. (3) Mobile lighting on the construction site: Usually iodine-tungsten lamps are used for lighting, which is used to solve the short-term construction lighting of the movement.

Excellent feasibility of using LED lamps for construction temporary lighting

There are three types of centralized lighting places commonly used in construction sites:

① Office lighting and living lighting in the office area and living area;

②Fixed lighting at the construction site;

③Mobile lighting on the construction site. At present, the market already has the technical conditions for the introduction of LED lamps in these places, and various units have researched and developed such technologies. For example, the construction site temporary lighting lamps developed by a construction group company and a lighting technology company completely cover the current scope of construction site lighting.

How to connect high bay temporary LED work lights?

  1. Make sure that the LED high bay lights are in good condition when receiving the goods. When receiving the LED high bay light, you should try to check whether the appearance of the LED high bay light is damaged.
  2. After the LLED high bay lights arrive at the construction site, they can be installed. First organize the installation personnel according to the installation drawing attached by the manufacturer, first connect several LED ceiling lights, and check whether the installation drawing is correct. If conditions permit, lighting can be arranged one by one to avoid taking it to the building for dismantling after installation.
  3. It is to remind the installation workers to pay attention to the importance of fixing and wiring, especially the waterproof of outdoor wiring is very important, and it is best to review when fixing and wiring. 4. After the led industrial and mining lamps are fixed and wired, and ready to be turned on, it is best to use a multimeter on the main power supply to check whether there is a short circuit caused by wrong wiring.

LED industrial and mining lights generally have three lines for lighting, blue line and brown line, live line and neutral line, which are impartial, and there is a trace of green in the middle of the yellow line. The word is yellow and green. It may be empty if there is no ground wire.

Compared with traditional high bay lights, LED high bay lights have longer life and more stable performance. The frequency of maintenance and replacement after use is low. The installation and wiring of the LED miner’s lamp is simple and convenient, as long as you pay a little attention, it should be easy to do.

What should I do if the led work light enters the water?

If there is a problem of water entering the LED light, then use a fan or other tools to completely dry the water-filled LED display screen at the fastest speed, and then energize and age the completely dried screen body. When it is found that the LED light has entered water, the LED display screen that has entered the water should be dried immediately. Do not put the water-filled LED display screen into the flight case, as it will easily suffocate the LED lights.

Can the LED wick be used in water?

It can be used, as long as the power adapter does not get in water (even if the adapter gets in water, it can still be used as long as it is dry). The working voltage of LED is relatively low, and the resistance of water is obviously too large compared to the voltage of about 3v, so even if the LED light is thrown into the water, it can still work normally for a certain period of time.

Let it dry if you can. If the voltage of the submerged part is high, make a waterproof seal to prevent electric leakage from hurting people or electrolysis of water.

How to repair the led lamp bead is not bright when it enters the water?

Led lamps use a driver, and the lamp board and the driver are separated or combined in one lamp.

For discrete ones, as long as the driver does not enter the water, the lamp board should be dried and then check whether there is a short circuit fault in the lamp bead circuit, and test whether the lamp beads are broken or not.

In the latter, it is also necessary to check whether the driver circuit is damaged by short circuit or components after being flooded, and whether its output voltage and current are normal.

Allow to dry the water-infused LED light circuit board, find and replace damaged components and lamp beads, and it can be repaired.

What should I do if the LED light enters the water?

If there is a problem of water ingress, then use a fan or other tools to completely dry the water-infused LED display screen as quickly as possible. Afterwards, the fully dried screen body is energized and aged.

When it is found that water has entered the warehouse or the LED display screen, it should be dealt with urgently without delay.

  1. Organize personnel to dry the water-filled LED display screen.
  2. Do not put the water-filled LED display screen into the flight case, as it will easily suffocate the LED lights.
  3. When water enters the warehouse, the air boxes may be flooded. All air boxes should be exposed to the sun to prevent moisture from volatilizing into the LED display screen after packing.

How many watts are temporary led work lights for factory workshop lighting?

There are actually many types of factory LED lights, and different types must have different prices. If it is a simple LED light, then the wattage may be 20 watts to 30 watts.

If the LED lamps you use in the factory are ordinary energy-saving lamps, it is different. At least you have to make the lamp reach 80 watts or 100 watts before you can make the lamp work.

For example, because of the high-quality lamp beads of the international first-line brand and the patented current sharing drive, the general workshop lighting industrial and mining lamps make the brightness of the common LED industrial and mining lamps about 30% higher than that of other ordinary brands under the same power. You need to choose other brands of 120w high bay lights for your workshop, maybe a common 100w high bay light is enough. Does this save a lot of electricity bills?

Generally speaking, the height of high bay lights for workshop lighting is not very high, 60W or 80W high bay lights are fine. A slightly higher 100W/120W high bay light is enough. High bay lamps of 200W/250W or even 300W are required for high-level workshops. It should be noted that it is not the better to choose high bay lights with higher power, the higher the brightness the better, and the illumination should be appropriate, otherwise it will cost more and the effect will not be good.

In addition to choosing high bay lamps with suitable power and wattage for workshop lighting, it is also necessary to pay attention to the stability and defective rate of the product quality of high bay lamps. Because the installation height of industrial and mining lamps is relatively high, the cost of maintenance and replacement is very high. If it is always broken, it must not work, and because the lamps are broken and affect production, the loss will be even greater. Therefore, when choosing high bay lights for workshop lighting, you must choose better quality ones. New Sunshine’s LED high bay lights have many major customers, such as Huawei, Siemens, Gome, KEPCO, Volvo Cars, and so on. Some customers have used more than 2,000 industrial and mining lamps, and only a few lamps are broken after three or four years, and the defective rate is as low as a few per thousand.

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