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Are underwater fishing lights useful for night fishing and ice fishing?

05/01/2023 by 内斯勒
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Lights used for fishing at night have one purpose, which is to attract fish. There are many kinds of night fishing lights, and it is difficult to know why light A is better than light B for fishing. We’re going to help you make it easy by listing 5 of the top reminders you need to consider when you’ve been looking for the best lights for night fishing.

Method 1: Choose the right wavelength of underwater fishing lights to attract fish

The excellent polychromatic light for night fishing is true emerald green with a light wavelength of about 520nm. The only lights that can achieve this type of true green are LED lights. Emerald green HPS bulbs are not really emerald green, they are more of a warm white green. If there is only one light around, they can still catch fish very well. However, if there are other lighting effects around, the fish is more likely to turn a true green than gray. We can test by putting the emerald green LED underwater light next to the high pressure sodium lamp, the real emerald green LED fishing light attracts more fish deeply than the high pressure sodium lamp. The light outside seems to be touching together. It is not difficult for us to find that the most attractive fish light is this kind of underwater signal light for fishing, so we know that it is an excellent lantern for night fishing.

Method 2: Decide Between Water, Float, or Sea Fishing Lights

In fact, these three lights have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in the end it mainly depends on the development goals of your night fishing lights. We’re going to explore the pros and cons of night fishing lights in this category. If you want the best night fishing lights, we will also make final suggestions on what style you should choose.

Do lights attract fish when ice fishing?

Ice fishing at night can be a chore. Fishing after dark can really slow down as the fish will be very cold and it is possible to slow down and get into deeper holes before sunrise.

In broad daylight, when the temperature of the water can rise a bit, the fish schools are most dazzling.

You will have to do a lot of hole hopping at night to spot the fish. However, if the fish are built in a good spot, we can catch fish for hours on end at night. You will effectively eliminate the need for jumping holes.

Even better, you can attract fish to the ice shed you set up, which will be more convenient for you and help you catch more fish. Bass, perch, walleye, rainbow trout and grouper respond well to ice fishing with in-water fishing lights. Definitely worth a try.

floating fishing lights underwater fishing lights

Floating bulbs while you’re fishing are great if you’re traveling on a boat from place to place and need something that you can drop and bring back quickly after you’re done fishing.

The main disadvantage of marine fishing lights is that part of the light source is reflected from the surface of the river rather than through the water flow. What stood out the most was shining a light on the water and watching him pop out of the water to light up the next door neighbor’s house on the canal bank. If you’re on the Grand Canal, there’s a good chance your neighbors aren’t too fond of floating lights.

These reflective surfaces require the high wattage of most marine fishing lights to be able to see through water like underwater lights.


There is an exception to this standard – we recently released a sea green fishing light that has a board that reformats the hard drive and high-efficiency LEDs to allow it to output the vibrant green LED light it needs, Fish are attracted with very high compressive strength, but only 160 watts of power loss. Then this is the option you are interested in. You can follow this link to learn more about the data of the emerald green fishing lights on the water introduced by the company.

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